7 Ways to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

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Do you have 7 Ways to Make Your Phone Charge Faster? If your Mobile is not getting Full Charge even after putting it on Charge for a long time, this post will be handy. In this post, we will tell you how to Fast Charge Mobile.

In today’s time, everyone uses smartphones. Every year new mobiles and technology come, from which new updates keep coming in the mobile. In today’s time, such mobiles also started coming which get full Charge in few minutes.

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Most of our work is done by Mobile, so we always keep our Mobile with us. That’s why we need a mobile that gets charged quickly.

Due to the old age of the mobile or there is a problem in charging, our Mobile does not fast Charge, in this post, we will tell you the tips and tricks by which you can fast charge your Mobile.

7 Ways to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

How to make your phone charge faster

1. Close Background Apps

When you put your Mobile on Charge, you often forget to remove the apps from the background so that this app keeps running in the Mobile location and uses the battery. While putting on Mobile Charge, keep in mind that you have removed the recent apps from the background. It will help the Mobile to be fast-charged.

2. Turn off WIFI, GPS, Internet, and Bluetooth

While putting your phone on Charge, keep wireless services like WIFI, GPS, Internet, Bluetooth, etc., off so that your Mobile will fast Charge. If you do not want to switch your mobile off and flight mode on, you can adopt this method. It also helps the Mobile to be fast-charged.

3. Use Original Charger

We can use any charger to charge our smartphones. Sometimes we use a charger of work power or more power, due to which there can be a problem in the charging speed of Mobile. To charge the mobile, we should always use the Original Charger that the company gives.

4. Mobile Full Charge

Most people take their Mobile out of Charge only after a bit of Charge and start using it, which affects the battery life of the mobile. You should remove the mobile-only after it is 85% charged.

5. Switching off the mobile

You must have seen many people switching off and putting them on Mobile Charge. You must be thinking, what could be the reason behind this? Mobile Fast Charge happens by switching off the Mobile and putting it on Charge. If you want to Charge the mobile fast, you can switch off the Mobile and put it on Charge.

When you switch off your mobile, all the apps, network systems are closed, and no work runs in the background, which helps your Mobile be fast-charged.

6. By setting Flight Mode On

You can also fast charge your Mobile by turning on Flight Mode. By turning on the flight mode, all the networks of your Mobile are turned off, and there is no transfer of any data, due to which the battery consumption of your Mobile is reduced, and the Mobile is also fast-charged.

7. Mobile Fastening Tips 

  • Turn off your Mobile’s GPS, Internet, Bluetooth
  • Keep the brightness low.
  • Keep the screen off time for 1 minute or less.
  • Do not always use mobile.
  • Do not use mobile while charging.

Your questions about Fast Charging:

Why is the battery not charging?

Check Your Mobile’s Charger and Socket Board is working correctly or not? Check the charging port of your Mobile to see if there is any dust in it.

How to make a mobile battery last longer?

Make your mobile brightness work.
Reduce screen-off timing to about 30 seconds.
Turn off mobile vibration.
Remove apps that use more battery or use them for work.

How is fast charging done?

You can follow the following methods for fast charging.
Charge with Flight Mode On.
Switch off and charge the Mobile.
Charge with Original Charger.

How to charge mobile without a charger?

You can do Mobile Charger by plugging USB into Laptop or computer or using Power Bank.


How to Fast Charge Mobile? We have learned many tips and tricks about this, with the help of which you can charge your Mobile quickly and increase the battery life of your Mobile. How did you like this post, do tell by commenting and sharing it with your friends.

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