According to Vastu Shastra: Mystical Power of 7 Horses Painting 

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian philosophy of architecture and design, holds that we can use the universe’s positive forces to improve our lives and create peace and wealth. “7 Horses Painting” is one of Vastu’s suggested symbols for its potent meanings. When appropriately positioned within a location, this artwork, which is steeped in history and significance, is thought to welcome success, development, and abundance. We shall delve into the interesting realm of the 7 Horses Painting in this blog and examine its Vastu Shastra meaning.

What is the Meaning of 7 Horses Painting?

Vastu Shastra places considerable importance on the picture of seven galloping horses with the rising sun in the background. They are said to increase optimism in all facets of a person’s life and are a genuine representation of power, courage, strength, stability, and loyalty. 

The number seven has a unique quality. Seven is regarded as a lucky number, and there are many legends about how virtuous and clean it is. The rainbow contains seven colors, there are seven oceans, seven stars, and let’s not forget the seven Indian sages (saptrishi) who lived in antiquity. In addition, there are seven additional oaths that the bride and groom must take before getting married in Hinduism. As a result, the number seven has a significant meaning for us and is fortunate and positive

A 3-horse painting also has a significant impact on the residents of a residence. In line with Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, it resolves money issues.

7 Horses Painting Direction in Home

The lucky seven horses artwork can be kept in your living room to decorate a wall and bring luck into the home. It’s critical to comprehend the impact that the painting of seven horses will have when positioned in a specific manner. The south wall of a home or office is the finest place to hang a 7-horse artwork. As this direction is associated with fame and fortune, keeping the painting here will be advantageous. If hanging the painting in this direction isn’t an option, one can choose to hang the piece on the east or north wall instead. The direction of riches and career is to the north. Consequently, a 7-horse artwork on the north wall will bring good fortune. 

Benefits of Keeping the 7 Horses Painting

Speed is symbolized by paintings of seven horses running.  You should hang it on the east wall of your house or workplace, depending on what activity you want to improve and progress in.

A seven-horse artwork in your home is said to ensure financial security and tranquility, according to Vasta Shastra.

In Feng Shui, horses represent speed, bravery, and tenacity. In order to bring prosperity, tranquility, and wealth into the family, eight running ponies were created. There are eight horses in life that represent eight desires, including career, marriage, good health, children, personal development, success, education, and happiness.

Tips to Place Seven Running Horse Paintings in Your Home

  1. Care should be taken to choose a painting in which the horses’ faces are peaceful expressions. You should have an aggressive seven-horse painting artwork for your house.
  2. It is advised to purchase seven running horse paintings in the white hue rather than the other colors. The color white is intended to beckon prosperity, calm, success, and expansion. White is the greatest color choice for you if you’re buying one for your house or place of business.
  3. Avoid hanging the seven-horse artwork in any other orientations because doing so could have a negative effect on your life and your workplace.  One should be cautious and position it in accordance with Vastu. 
  4. Be careful when selecting the seven-horse painting for your position in the background. Never choose a background with images of dust, storms, chaos, sunsets, or any other unsettling or unfavorable weather. 
  5. The seven running horses picture shouldn’t be hung in a person’s bedroom, study, or worship space. Keep it away from the dishwasher, toilet, and bathroom areas.
  6. The seven horses in the painting must be moving symmetrically and without obstacles. Instead of on the water or a lake, it should be running on dry land.
  7. Avoid making an investment in a painting of a lone rushing horse as it is unlucky, brings ill luck, and prevents good fortune from entering your home. Make certain to choose an image with an odd number of horses.
  8. If you are having trouble with your self-esteem and peace, you can think about purchasing a seven-horse artwork on a red background. The painting’s influence on Mars, which has a crimson background, will serve to raise one’s self-esteem.

7 Horses Painting Vastu Significance Based on Colors

Color Astrological Significance
White The white colored horse is a symbol of the Planet Moon
Bue The black colored horse is a symbol of the Planet Saturn
Grey The grey-colored horse is a symbol of Planet Rahu/Ketu
Orange The orange-colored horse is a symbol of the Planet’s Sun


The 7 Horses Painting is a potent tool for attracting success, prosperity, and progress into your life because of its rich symbolism and connection to Vastu Shastra. You can access the harmonizing energy of the universe by comprehending the meaning of each horse, selecting the appropriate colors, and strategically positioning the picture. Remember to treat this work of art with respect and faith as you welcome it into your home or office so that it can open the doors to your life’s plenty.

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