Megan Fox With Her Beau Machine Gun Kelly On Kimmel Live

Megan Fox famous American actress got engaged to her beau on January 12, 2022, and was seen with him on Jimmy Kimmel’s live on Wednesday afternoon. She posted a video on Instagram to announce her engagement. She dressed the same as the famous Canadian-American actress Pamela Anderson.

Megan Fox was seen wearing rugged double denim with flared jeans. She matched ripped jeans with a double blue denim jacket that was below her shoulders. Completed her combo with a folded gray tube top with a silver handbag. The brown-haired charmer parted her long hair down the middle as they were at her back. 

Her beau Machine Gun Kelly wore an attractive tan jumpsuit with unraveled sleeves and baggy pants which were to his knees. He strengthened the baggy look with a black belt and he shook a set of beige boots with bleached blond hair. 

Megan Fox

He was the one who was ready to talk with Jimmy Kimmel while Megan was there only to support him. Both were seen wearing some nail polish. Machine Gun was flaunting a bit of coral-colored varnished while  Megan was flaunting long powder blue nails.

Matched Her Emerald Engagement Ring

Earlier this month, the lovers revealed that they had joined forces on a new nail polish collection. She matched her Emerald engagement ring with one of the green metallic colors from the collection which is her favorite. She said that it has an energy that makes her feel lined up with her heart. 

The collection is available to shop on the website of the brand and it includes five shades. That customers can get by purchasing the play with Fire kit. The kit comes with a matte top coat called Nothing Matters, including also together with five shades: Past Life, Brutal Honesty, Twin Flame, Deep Breath, and Third Eye.  

The possible buyers also have the option of buying the Big Bang Set for $56. That consists of three shades: Past Life, Deep Breath, and Brutal Honesty.

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