Coach Chris Beard: Suspends by Texas After Arrest on Assault Charge

Texas Men’s Basketball Coach Chris Beard guides Texas Tech to the 2019 NCAA championship game and was employed aside by the Longhorns with assumptions that he would raise his academy to the equal exclusive level, was seized fresh Monday on an arson family assault allegation afterward a woman told cops that he suffocated and bit her. 

As far as further consideration the school dropped Chris Beard without any income. The assistant head coach Rodney Terry offered as the acting head coach of the No. 7 Longhorns desired extra time to exhaust Rice Owl Odds on Monday night, 87-81.

At 4:18 a.m. Austin police arrested Chris Beard on Monday and booked him into the Travis County jail on a charge of assault against a member of the family or home in which their ability to breathe was hampered. In Texas, the charge is a third-degree felony, with a sentence of two to ten years in jail.

The woman informed officers she is his fiancée and they had been together for six years, according to the arrest document, which was first reported by the Austin American-Statesman. He “just snapped on me and became really violent,” she claimed, after an incident in which she destroyed his glasses.

The woman reportedly told police, “He clogged Maine, bit me, bruised my leg everywhere, threw Maine concerning and went berserk,” per the legal document.

She provided cops with information. Beard encircled her neck and suffocated her from behind for approximately five seconds. Among other obvious injuries, according to police, she had a bite mark on her right arm and an abrasion on her right temple.

Beard claimed he had audio recordings of the event that would prove he wasn’t the main aggressor when questioned by authorities. Police claimed that he was unwilling to give them to the officers.

In jailhouse black-and-grey stripes and with his wrists tied in front of his waist, Beard appeared before a magistrate court for his bond hearing. 

Beard addressed the judge and repeatedly said “yes, sir” with a nod of the head. According to jail records, Beard had a $10,000 bond. When he and his lawyer Perry Minton exited the jail, he remained silent.

Earlier, Minton told the American-Statesman that the coach is innocent but has since declined to comment.

Minton told the publication that the arrest of the person was inappropriate. “The complainant demands his immediate release and therefore the cancellation of all charges. it’s merely incomprehensible.”

It is unknown whether the woman has a lawyer. The Associated Press usually does not identify the alleged victims of extreme violence without their consent.

In 2019, Associated Press coach Beard entered the second season at the Texas Institute of Technology, with a seven-year guarantee contract in Texas, paying him more than $5 million annually. The Administration reasonably found that the coach, program, school, or university system was in poor condition and thus dismissed him. Including those charged with serious crimes.  

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