Complete Information on How to Make Ration Card?

how to make ration card information & What is the eligibility to make a ration card (Eligibility criteria for ration cards) Let us give you complete information today on how to get ration card online (Ration card online) and what are the benefits of making it? In India ration card is considered to be a very important document, these documents are given by the state government It is a matter that some people earn salary and are able to collect food for twice for themselves and for the family, because of this, the country’s state government has made a ration card to give some relief to the poor family but the question is finally coming How do you make a ration card?

If you are thinking to make ration card online then remember some things like some people are below poverty line which we call BPL some people are above poverty line which we call APL. People come in AAY category and according to these categories ration card is made, let us know how to apply for ration card? ,how to apply for new ration card in hindi) And together we also want to know that what is a ration card after all? ,what is ration card in hindi) and ration cards (Rashan card) Why need to make complete details in hindi what is this e-ration card (What is e-Ration Card in Hindi,

What are Ration Cards?

Ration card is an official document or it is a document which is given by any state government viz. state governments so that the common citizen living in India gets food items eg. grains and rice, these things are exempt. If it can be said in a simple language, then with the help of this grain like rice is given to the poor families at cheap prices, so that no citizen in the country sleeps hungry. government soon one nation one ration card ,One Nation One Ration Card ) The service will soon bring so that only one ration card can be used in all states across the country.

What is E-Ration Card?

You must have heard one more thing about ration card which is e-ration card (E-ration card) You must have heard that many people are corrupt in this system who steal some people’s ration and the needy don’t know that they don’t get ration because this the government has e-ration card which is an electronic public distribution system (EPS)Electronic Public Distribution System) Briefly called EPDS, it is an advanced public distribution system that helps public to check ration and availability online.

Types of Ration Card Information in Hindi

The ration card is brought under the Food Safety Act and it is divided into two categories, one is BPLanother APL coming again AAY Let us understand all these one by one

  • Below Poverty Line (BPL Ration Card): As you know from the name, this card is given to the poor families who come below the poverty line BPL card (BPL MapThe government gives rations of between 25 and 35 kg to the population.
  • Above Poverty Line Ration Card (APL Ration Card): This APL card is given to the people who are above the poverty line, now this thing is decided by the government according to the family income and people with this card are given grains up to 15 kg.
  • Priority ration cards: This card is given to the people who come in the qualification made by the state government, in this category each member in a family gets Rasan up to 5 kg.
  • Antyodaya Card Antyodaya (AAY Card): This card is given to those people who are very poor, who have nothing to eat, who are poorer than the poverty line, then the state government provides food grains to such families up to 35 kg in a month.

Necessary Documents for Ration Cards

  • Signed application form
  • Passport size photo of family member
  • Identify proof: Can use any identification proof that identifies you, can identify your location, such as
  • Selects ID card (Selects ID card,
  • Aadhar Card (Aadhaar card,
  • proof of income
  • Driver’s license
  • Indian passport
  • Electricity bill
  • telephone bill
  • bank card book
  • Room agreement
  • year’s income proof
  • Any government certificate issued by the government
Eligibility criteria for obtaining a ration card
  • Must be an Indian citizen
  • Family member’s income should be below 1 lakh
  • Your ration card should not be made in any other state ie. this state.
  • No one in the family member should have a ration card made in any other state.

What Advantages of Making a Ration Card?

  • The biggest advantage of the ration card is that the ration you have is available at cheap prices and you get a lot of discounts at the same time.
  • The advantage of making a ration card is that you can use it as proof of residence.
  • If you need to create a public document, i.e. to create a public ID, you can use the ration card as proof.
  • With Ration Card you can get LPG Connection for free.

How to Make Ration Card?

Whether the process of applying for a ration card is online or offline, each state has its own system, making a ration card is very easy, you can make a ration card in two ways, one online and the other offline. Let us first know the offline ration card (offline ration cardHow do you make (how to make ration card offline information in hindi) and then online ration cards are generated (online rashan cardHow do you make

How to Make an Offline Ration Card?

Step 1: Go to the official website of the state ration card

Note that the website is different for each state, just search on Google. ration card form delhi Or if you are from Uttar Pradesh ration card up Search in the same way in each state, if Haryana (Haryana), Mumbai (Mumbai) Or be it Assam, go to the website according to your state, a link to the official website of some state is given below.

Step 2: Download form for ration card

Offline Ration Card (offline ration cardTo do that first you need a form to fill then you can download the ration card form online by visiting the official website.

  • Go to the website click on download
  • Click on Application for a new ration card
  • print the form
Step 3: Now fill in the information in the form well

After downloading the form, take a print out of it, if you don’t have a printer in your house, then you can go to a nearby cyber cafe and ask them to take out the printout of the ration card. So he will issue it to you, fill the form very carefully, whatever details are asked, fill the correct information in the form.

Step 4: Attach all the required documents with the form

To make a ration card you need to fill all the necessary documents as I have told you above along with the copies of all these documents so that there is no problem while submitting the form and your form is not rejected.

Step 4: submit the form now

After all these things now go to the nearest ration card office and submit this form by going to it note that before submitting any form the documents given to note all the things well correct and correct information completed. of all these things

So as soon as the form is submitted, you will get a receipt from their side which you have to take care of, from here you will get a ration card and in some time you will get the ration card or not, then you can go to the office Check your ration card status (Checking Ration Card Status) able to online sitting at home Go to the official website. let us know now how to make online ration card ,how to apply for ration card online,

How to Make a Ration Card Online?

Step 1 : open official website

To apply online ration card first go to its official website ie. on Department of Food website of the concerned state like Delhi official website link is this. DELHI RATION CARD HOMEPAGE So if you click on this page, you will go to the website, in the same way, go to the website of that city, regardless of which city you live. UP (Uttar Pradesh) , Haryana , Mumbai , Punjab

Step 2: Now click on book online and log in

Once you come to the website check if the online form or book online option is clicked on it, as soon as you click it it will ask you for the mobile number, then enter the phone number and then an OTP code will appear. your mobile, enter it.

  • Click on Online book
  • enter mobile number
  • Now enter OTP code
  • Select captcha and click login
  • Now a form will appear, select the option as required
  • Complete the details in the document checklist
Step 3: Now fill in the form with citizen information

In this form you will be asked some important details like identity, full name, address etc. Fill all these details in this forum, be careful to provide correct information and then click on continue

  • Select the document in Identity Type and fill in its details
  • Fill in your name in full
  • Address Enter your full address in this option
  • Pincode Enter the pincode for your area in this
  • Enter the name of your city in City
  • Enter mobile number
  • Choose cash or debit card in the payment mode that you like
  • Then click continue
Step 4: Now make an agreement about a ration card

In the next thing you will have to book an appointment, on that date you will have to go to the office, take all the important documents, you can choose one of the available dates according to your wish and that day you will have to go to the office for the ration card.

Step 5: Now review the details and then confirm

After doing all these things, now you have to check the form again, go through all the details once, then you just confirm all the details, then your forum will be sent online, then a message will be sent to your mobile number where you will get to know everything when you go to the office. What time is it?

So in this way you can apply online ration card (online ration card applies) After this friends you can also check the status by visiting the same website online so that you know whether your forum has been approved or not and in how many days you will get your ration card (Ration card) will have.

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