How to Become a School Teacher?

Teachers ie teachers get a lot of status in our society, now there are some students who are very interested in becoming a teacher and in the future they also want to become a teacher and share knowledge with students, but many people do not have this information. What needs to be done to become a teacher, what is the qualification required for this, that is, what is needed to become a school teacher, in this article we will tell you How to become a school teacher ,How to learn information in Hindi) How to become teacher Information in Hindi will give complete information about it.

After passing XII you can make a career in the teaching line, now teachers are also in different ways, some teachers are primary school teachers, some teach large classes and some are professors giving lectures in college. What we call teachers, so how are there different courses for different teachers, but here we will tell you How to become a school teacher Will give information about this and what course to do for this so you can after 12th pass Could become a teacher and teach at school. ,step by step gudie to become a school teacher in india information in Hindi) Step-by-step information on how to become a Senior Secondary School teacher.

1. pass 12th to become a teacher

To become a school teacher or to become a professor in a college, first of all, you have to pass the 12th, now comes the question in which subject you have to pass the 12th so that you can become a school teacher. after the 10th pass Choose the same subject which you want to teach as a teacher in school like if you want to study physics in school then for this you have to choose science in class 11 and then choose your subject accordingly.

2. focus on your favorite subject

As you all know, a teacher teaches a subject in a special way in school and that teacher is an expert in that, so remember that whatever subject you want to become a teacher in, give maximum attention to that subject and subject. strong so you can teach and explain to students well, it is very important to become the best teacher.

3. completed exam

To become a school teacher, you must complete your exam after passing 12. Cannot complete further studies.

4. Apply for the B.Ed course

As soon as your exam is completed, you must then take the BEd course to become a school teacher.B.Ed course) but before that, you must have completed the exam with at least 50% marks, BEd is a teaching-related course after which you can go for the post of teacher in any high school and school. You can teach this course used to be of 1 year earlier but now it has become two years.

5. Clear TET or CTET entrance exam

After completing the B.Ed course, you now have to pass the entrance exam which we also call TET i.e. Teacher Eligibility Test or you can also give CTET exam if you want. If you pass this exam then you can apply for teaching jobs and based on your marks and percentage, the cutoff will come out only after you get a teaching position in any school, then that way you can become a school teacher. (School Teacher) and can teach children and can become a school teacher (Schoolteacher) This means that you can make a career as a teacher on the teaching line.

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