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Birth certificate which we also call a birth certificate it is very important document which is useful all your life you need to take admission in any school age certificate or you need passport of that country. If you want to be seen, you are everywhere birth certificate It is required that now there are many such people who are not able to make their birth certificate at first so think about making it later so if you are thinking of making an online birth certificate sitting at home then we tell today that How to make a birth certificate online? ,how to apply for birth certificate online in hindi) How to apply for birth certificate online (birth certificate process in hindi) complete information in hindi.

If a newborn baby, or if the child is born in a hospital, then the birth certificate is issued by the hospital to the child’s parents, but if the child is born at home or if the child is born again. to make a birth certificate you can easily make it online now while making a birth certificate you have many questions in your mind like what are the necessary things to make a certificate, when can we get a birth certificate How much does it cost to apply and what are the benefits of a birth certificate Online birth certificate (online birth certificate How do you make ,how to make birth certificate online information in hindi, How to make birth certificate (janam praman patra) online information in hindi and how to make correction in birth certificate.

What documents are required for a birth certificate?

  • Aadhar Card (aadhar card) or voter ID card (voter ID card,
  • Age Declaration Form: You can also download it by providing internet
  • Birth Registration Form: You can download this form by visiting your state’s birth registration website.
  • Hospital certificate If the child was born in hospital, you will receive this item from the hospital
  • Get the certificate (praman patra) done: you can do it in anyone MBBS doctor or get this certificate from the city councilor or village leader

Benefits of Birth Registration in India

• Birth certificate is very important for admission to school.
• Lifetime birth certificate can be used for proof of age
• Born in India becomes a proof of this
• Population register (NPR) can be used as a register
• Birth certificate is very useful for making passports.
• Birth certificate is useful as proof of your age at the time of legal marriage.
• By utilizing public schemes
• For immigration or Indian citizenship (Indian citizenship) to

How to create a birth certificate offline (birth certificate registration) ,

• Take the registration form for the birth certificate, you can get it by going to the municipal corporation office near you
• Complete and submit this form along with the required documents as mentioned above
• If the baby is a newborn baby then you have to do this work within 21 days of the birth of the baby then submit the note given from the hospital along with the forum.
• Birth certificate will be sent to your address after all verification check and correct, now the question in your mind will be how many days the birth certificate is made, then after submitting all these things in one to two (1-2 weeks) ) Your birth certificate sent to your address.

How to create a birth certificate online?

Step 1: Open the Citizen Service website

online Birth certificate To create first open the Citizen Service website like if you are from Delhi state then go to Google and search for Delhi Citizen Services or if you are from Bihar. bihar citizen service And if from UP up with citizen, services Search on the first link you get, you have to click on it

Step 2: Create account to register now

Now whatever website comes in front of you, you need to create an account, so for this you need to make it simple New user registration option You have to click on pay then fill this forum and register then come again you have to login here to register with same account

Step 3: Click on complete application now

As soon as you are logged into the registration website, you will get an option, fill out the application, you must click on this option if you are applying for a birth certificate online (birth certificate online applyIf you wish to do this then please select the birth certificate option in the service option below or you will come to this website if you wish. Caste certificate or else disability certificate, or else death certificate can also apply

• Sign in
• Click on Complete application
• Click on Select service
• Select the option Birth certificate

Step 4: fill in the birth certificate form

In the next thing, now you will be filled in the birth certificate form i.e. birth certificate, where you have to fill in all the information correctly and correctly, so as soon as you birth certificate If you click click, a form will open, you must fill out this forum completely and provide all the information.

• Type your name
• Enter the address
• Provide a place of birth information
• Upload the scanned copy of the required documents
• Now verify the information entered in the form
• Application no. Write it down and save it

Step 5: Now make the payment, i.e. click pay

As you verify all the information entered in the form, then at the bottom you will get an option to pay the service fee, then click on it and then pay, then click submit for this and then proceed with payment Click Now Debit Card (debit card), make the payment using a credit card or internet banking

Step 6: Now take its print or check the status

After payment, the form you have or the birth certificate form is submitted, after which you can also check the status or take a print out of it and keep it with you You can print out by clicking on the printed out application on the website, or you can also check the status online at to click on the list of applications.

After all documents are verified, your birth certificate will arrive at your address in a few weeks, so in this way, if you have any Birth certificate (birth certificate) or can also apply for disability certificate, or death certificate which is a very simple and easy process, you can do it online, you don’t need to go anywhere.

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