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Voter ID card is a very important and important Indian document, there are still many people in India who do not have their own voter ID card ie. identity card if you are an Indian citizen then it is very important to have an identity card. This voter id card is not only used for voting but it is useful in many other places so voter id card must be made now comes the question after all. How do you make a voter ID card? ,How to make voter id card online in hindi) And what documents are needed to generate a voter ID card? ,Documents Required for Voter ID Card Details in Hindi) online How to Apply for Voter ID Card Online in Hindi) Complete information in Hindi.

The identity cards that were made earlier, you see, they are simple black and white, but if you make online voter ID card today, the identity card you get is colorful (colorful voter ID card), so let us know how you You can apply for identity card (pehchan patra) sitting at home online. ,how to apply voter id card online information in hindi) How to Apply for Voter ID Card Online, Mobile Identity Card Application Process.

Advantages of making Voter ID cards of Voter ID Card in Hindi)

  • ID is required to identify you
  • Having a Voter ID card makes you eligible to vote in the elections, which are for Indian citizens only.
  • You can convert the identity card to any type of nail card (SIM card), or ask for proof of ID to take something, then you can use Voter ID cards.
  • Other government IDs such as Ration cards, and Aadhar cards, or it is used to make passports
  • Voter ID card also shows that you are Indian

Documents Required to Create Identity Card (Eligibility and Documents Required for Voter ID Card)

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to generate Voter ID cards
  • Must be a citizen of India
  • Passport size photo required
  • Address proof: In this you can get any kind of documents like gas bill, voter bill, ration card (ration card), bank card book (bank card book) or aadhaar card, lease agreement, Income tax Rating order may be used
  • Proof of age: You must provide any proof of your age ie. an age proof document where you have PAN card, Aadhar card, 10th You can use the certificate, the kisan card or where the date of birth is stated.
  • Proof of identity: In this you can use documents such as PAN card, driving license, student card etc.

Identity card (voter ID card) online how do you make ,

Step 1 : Go to National Voter Service Portal

If you want to make an online voter ID card, you must first of all have a voter ID card, i.e. National Voters Services Portal (National Electoral Services portal) You must go to the official website which is By visiting this website, you can register your voter ID (registration of voter ID cards) You can Mobile phone You can also open this website from (mobile phone).

Apart from this, if you are looking for Online Voter ID Card Status (status of voter ID card) or want to make an address, name change, date of birth (correction) in voter ID card (voter ID card) or voter list (If you want to check your name in voter list online, you can do it by visiting this website.

Step 2: Click on Login/Register

As soon as you open this website you will get an option on it click on Login / Register and if you have not registered on it now email id and register with a phone number.

  • Click on Login/Register
  • Click on Don’t have an account
  • Enter mobile number and then enter the captcha code
  • Enter otp code and confirm
  • Click I don’t have epic number if you need a new voter ID card (new voter ID card) to make
  • I have EPIC number: Click this option when your Voter ID card is already generated and you want to get it done.
  • Now enter first name, last name, email id and password that you want to enter
  • Then click Register
  • Then login again with email id and password daal
Step 3: Click on Fresh inclusion/registration

As soon as you finish registering and login, you will be logged into this portal, then you will get an option. After login on this portal click on Fresh inclusion/Enrollment and then click on I reside in India and then select state

  • Click on Fresh inclusion/registration
  • Click on I live in India
  • On Select State, select your city if Delhi, Mumbai, whatever
  • then click next
Step 4: Now fill in the address information in the address column

In the next option you will get the first option of address, so in this option select the state, select the district and then enter the address house number (house no.), village (village), post office (post) office), pin Enter the code ( pin code) etc.

  • State /UT: In this option select the name of your city as delhi and then delhi
  • District: In this option, select which district you come from
  • House no: In this option, you must enter your house number, i.e. House number
  • Street/area/locality: In this option, you must provide information about your street or area.
  • City/village: In this option tell about your town and village
  • Post Office : In this option, enter the name of the nearest post office.
  • Pin code : Here you must enter the pin code for your area
  • Date: In this option, you must enter the date since you have lived at the specified address.
  • Address proof: In this option, you have to upload a scanned copy of any address proof document, on the page, in the document type, you can select which document you want to provide.
  • Family/Neighbor EPIC No: Pay your Voter ID for anyone in your family who is EPIC No. Put it in mine, or you can also put your neighbor’s
  • then click next
Step 5: Now provide birth information

Now the next form will open where you have to provide the information about your birth, ie. date of birth, where should it fall, what is the condition, all you need to fill this form and then scan copy of age certificate ( scan copy ) should be uploaded

  • Enter your date of birth : Enter your date of birth in this field
  • City/village: Enter city or village name
  • State : In what condition should the trees be, enter this information
  • District: give your district information
  • Proof of age: Click on this select file, upload the scanned copy of the age certificate
  • Declaration of age: In this option, you need to download the age declaration form and upload its scanned copy, but note that if you are 21 years or above, then you need to submit the form by filling the form, you can download the form from this website.
  • Now click next
Step 6: Now select the constituency

In this option you have to select your legislative assembly according to what is coming from your city or area if you click on the option then according to the address you have entered you will get the assembly option.

Step 7: Fill in the personal information

Now in the Personal Details column you have to provide your personal details like your name, male name, gender etc.,

  • Name: Enter your name in this option
  • Surname: In this option, enter your name which will appear before your name.
  • Gender: If you’re a boy, choose male then female, or if you’re someone else, choose other
  • Relationship Type: On this option whose name you want to enter, select the option you want to select the mother’s father’s name.
  • Name of relative applicant: Here you need to enter the name of the user that relates to you, like father is selected, then fill father’s name and then enter his name in seconds
  • Upload document: Here you must upload a color photo of yourself.
Step 8: Please provide additional information

In the next option you will be asked that if you cannot hear or see then select the option else if you can hear and see properly then leave the option ticked then enter the email id and if the phone is there, it is not necessary to give it, but after I come in handy while checking congestion

  • Email ID: If you have an email ID in this setting, enter it.
  • Mobile number: Please enter your phone number in this option
  • Provided mobile belongs to: Choose yourself in this option, ie. you have your own number
  • What type of phone do you use: In this option, choose how you use the phone.
Step 9: provide information on the declaration

In this option you say this and assuming you have never made a voter id card before nor your name is in any assembly, it means you definitely have a new voter id card (voter ID card online) If you have to manage it, then you have put the name of your place in the place where you live like if you live in Delhi then write delhi. then click next

After this you will be given the option to preview, now here you will be shown a complete form, so when you have checked all the details ie. the information again, why this information is your identity card, i.e. voter ID card (voter ID card) then in this way your forum ie. voter ID card online (voter ID card online) will be submitted, if you want you can also take its print out and keep it with you. You will then receive a reference ID, keep it safe so you can check the online status.

Step 10: Now Check Voter ID Card Status Online

After the forum is submitted, now you have to wait for a while, After about a month your form is approved or rejected, and you can find this thing online, on this website, you can easily come back to this website and log in again. Track application status Click on it and then enter the reference id you can check online voter id card status by coming here so in this way you can identity card Can make online (voter ID card online)

So in this way you can sit at home online identity card so that voter ID card online,voter ID card online) If any corrections need to be made in name, date of birth, address or in surname then you can do all this online.

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