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Studies is a very important thing to become a successful and successful person in life, studies make a person a successful and right decision maker, that’s why studies are very important in life, now everyone studies, but studies must be done. It is very important to take your goal in the right direction, so many people think about doing MBA after completing their degree in college, but some people know what is MBA, What is MBA in Hindi) What is MBA in Hindi and How to do MBA (How to do MBA in India information in Hindi), So in today’s article we will give you complete information about MBA course in detail so that you can know what is this course and what should be the qualification for it.

MBA course (MBA course) is a very popular master’s degree, after completing your studies you can get a good job in any multinational company and get paid, but to complete the study of an MBA course you can spend a lot of time if you are in school, so why you can do MBA course only after passing your college ie. after completing your degree first let us know what is this MBA course in the end what is the qualification for this.

What is an MBA course? (What is MBA Course Information in Hindi)

The MBA is a master’s degree whose full form is Master of Business Administrator (Master of Business Administration As we also call (MBA or MBA), it is a kind of Post Graduation Degree, which means that you can do the course after graduation, the duration of this course is two years You are taught business, how to make successful business.

In this you are taught various courses such as accounting, applied statistics, business communication, business ethics, business law, and financial management economics. Any student can take an MBA course whether it is from any stream (Arts Commerce or science) just need a degree or if they want. after the 12th pass, Direct MBA can be done which is a complete 5 years, 3 years of BBA course and 2 years MBA course

Educational qualification for MBA course

  • Must have an exam
  • Must have 50% marks in the exam
  • ready entrance exam

Different fields in MBA,

Before taking admission to an MBA you have to choose a field because you will get many courses in it out of which you have to choose a field and do MBA in it then some important fields are given below.

  • MBA in finance
  • MBA in marketing
  • MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • MBA in International Business (IB)
  • MBA in operations management
  • MBA in Information Technology (MBA)
1. Pass 12th from any subject

To study MBA first of all you need to pass 12th from any stream whether you are from arts, commerce or science if possible you can take commerce in 11th choose this will benefit you a lot in future

2. Completed graduation or degree with 50% marks

As soon as you have completed your school education, after you have to complete further studies, i.e. graduation, you can take the exam in any course, but if you want to do MBA then after the 12th you have to complete your bachelor’s degree in BBA with at least 50% marks. If there will be a lot of benefits to an MBA then it will take you at least 3 years to graduate.

3. Take and complete the entrance exam

As soon as you finish your exam that you can take admitted to an MBA now there are many big entrance exams like IIM you will also know the name of the CAT exam which is India’s best top-level entrance exam Apart from this there are entrance exams like CMAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, by clearing which you can take admission in MBA or there are some colleges which give you admission in MBA without entrance exam.

4. Take admission an MBA and complete your studies

As soon as you clear the entrance exam, according to your rank you have brought the entrance, on the basis of which you get an MBA college, then you take admission to it and then you complete MBA studies for 2 years After which your MBA course is completed, then you can this way do MBA.

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