How to File Income Tax Return (ITR File)?

When it comes to income tax, a lot of people get scared, hey man, now we’ve worked so hard, we have to pay income tax to the government, but think about how many people get the whole year’s income It happens. that it is on the very border of the income tax category, because of which many people think, leave no man who will fill a lot of trouble, but let me tell you that you can file your income tax by sitting at home on your own hand using online internet (income tax file) Now the question will be in your mind. How to file income tax return (ITR file) ,how to file tax return in hindi), This what is ITR ,what is ITR in Hindi) There will be many such questions in your mind.

See, when you are a responsible citizen of India, it becomes your duty that if you fall under the category of income tax, you earn 2.5 lakh (2.5 lakh) or more annually, then you have to provide its details to the government through ITR . It should be given through medium, you may not know that this will prove very useful for you to take home loan, personal loan in future so that you will get tax return every declaration) To be filed first let us know what is this ITR and what are its benefits and when to file the ITR file and then last tax return of war ie. How to fill ITR file ,ITR file in Hindi) How to submit ITR complete details in Hindi.

What is a tax return file?

If you have to file income tax for the first time then the question must be in your mind that what is this ITR, the full form of ITR is tax return. (income tax returns) In simple and easy language, once a year you have to provide all this information about your income, i.e. income, expenditure, investment or whatever tax amount is made through a form called ITR Form. and provide this information to the government file a tax return Now these ITR forms are of different types such as ITR 1 (ITR 1), ITR ITR 2 , ITR 3, ITR 4 For each company, person, etc., the forum is divided into different parts.

When do I have to submit a tax return?

Now you will have a question in your mind, when should a person file an income tax return if the income of a person is for a year ie. from 1 April to 31 March, i.e. from next year, if the total income, i.e. crosses 2.5 lakh (2.5Lakh) then the person has to report income tax, now the government decides the total amount that comes and the budget is taken every year, some exemption is also given.

Documents required to file Income Tax Return (ITR)
  • Form-16: This form is very important for those working in payroll, it contains details of salary and TDS details.
  • Form 26AS
  • Benefits of Tax Saving Investments: Evidence if you have made any investments
  • Bank mortgage statement, if a loan is taken out
  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Details of any necessary deductions to be taken

Benefits of submitting a tax return

Now you must be thinking man, what do we need to file ITR, why should we give our money to the government, government itself has so much money, why should we give our money? The money comes to the government so government operations, police, government hospitals, and government work is done even when they win, from where will the government give money to all of them, then all the money goes to the government through tax and other public services. Money is used to run the government, so we have to pay taxes, and there are many benefits to paying taxes.

  • The government runs by paying taxes, the country will progress
  • Easy to get loan: When you take any kind of loan, be it home loan or personal loan, the bank has always asked you for ITR if you file ITR. So the loan is easily available
  • Easy to get visa: If you ever visit outside the country or go for business then you can get visa very easily with ITR.
  • Tax refund: If you accidentally pay more tax burden to the government, you can easily get refund from ITR.

How to file income tax return (ITR file)?

If you are going to file ITR for the first time, you need some basic information like what is assessment year, what is financial year and also it is ITR 1, ITR2, ITR3. What is ITR4 what is the difference between them only then there is no error while filing income tax file you can get information about all these things using online internet or you can also get information by visiting the official website of income tax. Now let’s know directly how to file online tax return file step by step guide

Step 1: Go to the Income Tax website

To report income tax online, first of all you have to go to the official website for online income tax, from where you can report tax, which is also called e-filing, then you can just in the browser on the website. You can go to the direct website by typing

Now you will have a question in your mind man now we come here but now we don’t have the login id password of this website to log in so how create income tax account it is very easy to create a income tax account Banana simple click on register yourself if you are already registered then click on login here and fill all your details here

  • Select user type: If you are an individual, i.e. alone, i.e. want to pay tax on your own, click on individual and then on continue
  • Pan : Enter your own PAN number in the PAN number
  • Then enter last name and first name
  • Then enter the date of birth that appears in the ID
  • Then select the resident in the housing status by clicking continue

Step 2: Log in now to the Tax website

As soon as you have created an income tax account, after that you may have to log in again, for this you can log in directly by pressing login, so here the login form will be open, so in this you have to log in.

  • User ID: Here you enter your PAN card number, which is indicated on your PAN card.
  • Password : Enter the password you entered during registration
  • Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth, which was entered during registration.
  • Captcha Code: Now enter the above in capital letters and click on login

Step 3: Click on E-file and then on tax return

As soon as you login you will get the option of e-File on the top left side which if you move your mouse over it you will get many options just click on the tax return to file ITR.

Step 4, Now select assessment year and ITR form

In the next step now you will get a forum where you have to enter your PAN card number and then select assessment year select ITR form select four submission mode then select an option how you want to verify and then single Select aadhaar otp you need to confirm it, so tick I want to use and click continue

  • select pan map
  • Select assessment year
  • Select ITR form
  • Select Original/Revised return in File type
  • Select submit online in submission mode
  • Click Continue

Step 5: Now fill out the ITR form

As soon as you have done all this work, now comes the most important thing which is to fill ITR form, now you will think how to fill ITR form? For this you will have seven columns in front of you such as instructions, part a piece of general information, tax information, etc. Options will be available, read all in turn.

  • read the instructions
  • Check part a general information and details
  • Next Tax Pay Tax Details completed Sure Things in Computation
  • Fill in the necessary information in the tax information
  • Verify tax on tax paid and verification
  • Click on Donation-80G for tax deduction

Step 6: Now click send

After all the work is done make sure to check the form once all the details entered by you are correct verify that if there is any problem in filling the form then I will advise you to get CA ie . Chartered Accountant Take support from him, he will teach you to fill up well

Step 7: Now verify the ITR file

Now you have made the ITR file but now you need to verify it and now there are two ways to verify one, you can send the physical copy of the ITR file to headcourt in Bangalore or you can also verify it online. If you can then to verify ITR online you can just click on verify you can verify it just a code will come in your phone you can verify it by entering it.

  • Click Dashboard
  • Click on See return/form
  • Click on tax return
  • Now file ITR Ack. None. find below
  • Click on E-Verify
  • click on aadhar otp
  • Click on Generate aadhaar otp
  • Now enter otp and click on I agree and then click on send
  • Now from here you can verify the ITR file

Have you seen an online sitting at home? ITR file How easy it is to do just you need to have some technical knowledge now if you are still facing problem in filing ITR then you can take help of any professional CA he will tell you well how to file ITR?

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