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Do you want to talk to a girl you like and want to impress the boys with your words, but you don’t know how to attract a girl to you, now I can stand in this situation Either you know the girl’s friend or you are meeting her for the first time and want to impress by speaking for the first time, so let’s take some tips today. How to impress a girl? ,how to impress a girl tips in hindi) How to impress girls tips in hindi.

Now the girl you are thinking of impressing, that girl can either be from your neighborhood or studying in school, or studying in teaching, or it can also happen that that girl. If you don’t know that you are an unknown girl, you have spoken for the first time and want to impress her, so what to do for that, let me tell you, impressing or impressing an unknown girl is not so easy. But it is not impossible, let us know Complete information on how to impress a beautiful girl , tips to impress a girl in hindi), but before that, let’s go What not to do to impress or impress a girl ,

Don’t make these mistakes to impress a girl

  • never compliment anyone else in front of the girl you like
  • Don’t talk big things, if you like to show off, you have a habit of throwing big things, then leave this habit, no one likes it and the girl will not get hurt either.
  • don’t try to be the boss
  • Do not abuse or fight in front of the girl, stay away from all this
  • Never try to tell the girl
  • Don’t talk to a girl she doesn’t like

How to impress a beautiful girl?

1. Improve your personality

If you want to impress any girl, then the first personality you must have heard is that the first impression is the last impression. first impressions are the last impression) If a girl wants your first impression or attraction, then the girl will start with you. You will be impressed already on the first day. And you will also start interested in talking with you, so if you improve your personality, then you can follow the below tips to improve your personality.

  • Improve dressing sense: To improve your personality, improve your clothes in the first way, wear good clothes, clean clothes, there are some people who do not dress clothes, but still take care, to impress a girl Do not go in front of them wearing such clothes that you do not look right in, such as wearing loose clothes, wearing clothes of such a color that does not suit you, do not make such a mistake, wear clothes that suit you where you see smart looking, you will notice. It should be done when you wear good clothes, you look good and it also gives you confidence which enhances your personality.
  • Keep the hairstyle right: Hairstyles add to your personality Get a decent hairstyle that suits your face in which you look good
  • Develop communication skills: Communication skills play a big role in improving your personality, so improve it slowly.
  • Brush daily: if you have bad breath Come or smell your mouth then start brushing daily in the morning and before you sleep at night if you like a girl do you ever talk to you if you smell your mouth then the girl must talk to you. If you stop coming from the front or slowly stop coming to you, definitely keep this in mind.
  • Use perfume: The first time you have to meet a girl, and if you want to impress her, then a good-smelling perfume (deodorant perfumeApply it, because if your body smells of sweat, then your impression will be spoiled in front of the girl.
2. Make the boyfriend first

Now it is obvious that if you impress the girl If you are thinking about doing it, it means that you like that girl and probably propose a girl If you want to do it, don’t try to get close directly at the beginning and don’t free directly in a few encounters, don’t be in the wrong family, in the first encounter the girl will be captured, so the girl doesn’t do it many times before Make a girl a friend Make a good friend The beginning of any love first starts with a friendship, it’s very easy to impress a girl by becoming a friend, slowly after that you can impress the girl

3. Try to do fun things

You should know that girls like funny boys ie. funny boys who say funny things about small things this thing impresses the girl a lot while they are talking throwing funny jokes in between who laugh Come if she is a celebrity on your jokes take interest in your words then the girl herself starts to speak to you.

4. Compliment the girl

Now this thing is too old to praise any girl, you must have heard many people and read that seduce a girl ,ladki ko patina) then praise him, if seen, this method still works to a great extent, but praise must happen sometimes, if you praise all the time, then the girl will feel that the boy is being cheated, they do not say more than the limit It is not either well, so sometimes in between, praise the girl and praise Genuyan, this will let the girl know if the boy is interested in you or likes you, why the matter will slowly start moving forward.

5. Follow all social media

Today, who doesn’t use social media, in a way, nowadays everyone from kids to old people Social Media I want to create an account on Facebook Be it or Instagram, tiktok Or twitter, follow any girl you like everywhere and like her pictures and make good comments, it’s important to impress the girl a little bit, now there are some people who To impress the girl on Facebook or Instagram, she does something dirty or crazy things that are wrong, you should not do this thing at all.

6. Make the girl feel special

A girl is impressed only when you give more time to that girl than yourself and friends, make her feel special, do something new for her and do something special like you can spend quality time with her in a special place. Lejake, or can give some gifts to those that girls like a lot

  • give the girl time
  • feel special
  • give them on special occasions
  • spend quality time together
  • speak with love
7. Talk every day and share small things

If you want to impress a girl, then first of all you have to give time to the girl, if you don’t give time, then the girl will be impressed by someone else, so try if the girl is your friend and talking to you, then talk to her in short time each day. ,chatting Wake up in the morning and write good morning this will make the girl feel special and maybe the girl will know from you or if your friend If you want to impress her, you can still follow these tips.

8. Don’t force things

Maybe you will know that if something is forced, then it is not right, so if you talk to the girl impressed with things If you want to do it, listen to her, say yes to her and show interest in her, if the girl is not interested in talking to you then she should back off, this is very important for better self respect

9. Maintain a good relationship with the girl

To impress the girl, first of all you need to create a good relationship with the girl, whether it is your boyfriend or a girlfriend, a closed relationship only lasts ahead, and girls also like guys who are in a relationship. Learn to take care of any relationship you enter.

So these are some tips that you can follow to impress or impress any girl. take care to impress Don’t cross your boundaries to impress someone or do any such work that hurts both, if the girl is not interested in talking to you then don’t talk or force it, this mark is of a good person.


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