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Often you must have noticed that when you buy a new laptop or computer initially, the system runs very fast at first, but after using it for some time, the computer or laptop becomes slow and hangs too, have thought, what is the reason why the computer hangs today let us tell you some such good computer (pc) tips and tricks (computer tips) & tricks that you can make your laptop system super fast, How to fast computer ,how to make a laptop fast in hindi) , and if how to solve computer problems ,computer hang problem solution in hindi) Computer hang problem solution in hindi.

See if it is a computer or a laptop, there is no reason for its slowness, but there can be many reasons, such as the processor in your computer, that is, it is old, or it can be that the RAM in portable is good. It may not happen or it may also happen that the settings in your PC have not been done well or have not been optimized, first let us know what is the cause of this laptop and computer hang then you will know , that portable and How to make your computer fast (fast laptop) ,how to speed up windows computer information in hindi) Ways to fasten computer (Laptop quick tips in hindi,

Due to hanging laptop or computer (Computer hung problem in hindi)

  • Working with RAM: You must have known that laptop is a very important thing in the system, no matter what software you open, all apps (App) are loaded in RAM, so if you have RAM work in computer or laptop then the load should be more. System hung due to (hang) or starts to limp
  • Installation of Heavy Software: If the processor of your computer or laptop is not good and you install heavy software in your system which your system cannot bear then the system starts to hang.
  • Viruses enter the computer: If the system hangs while running slowly, then one of the reasons behind this is also because of virus that comes in your laptop.
  • Old driver installed: There are many people who do not update the drivers in their PC in any way, so because of the old driver, the system hangs often.
  • Hard drive full: Some people don’t partition the hard drive in their system or even if they do, they leave a lot of work to the C drive and the computer hangs even though the storage is not hangs) do.
  • Get Windows broken: Windows 8 will be installed in your system or Windows 10 and you must have seen that sometimes the window also gets corrupt which many times hangs the laptop.

How to make computer or laptop fast?

Step 1 : Disable startup programs

Maybe you know when you’re on a Windows laptop (Windows laptop) Like when you turn on, there are some such apps which start as soon as the system turns on, run in the background which consumes RAM and therefore your computer is slow to turn on and the system also starts to hang. If you go, you can close the apps that you do not use at all or if you think that it is not there, then follow these steps for this.

  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete buttons simultaneously
  • Now click on Task Manager
  • Click Startup
  • Now select the app, right-click on it, disable the app
Step 2: remove the link to Windows One Drive

If you are using Windows 10 then you will have this app with one drive pre-installed on the laptop i.e. this app basically becomes a cloud backup of your documents that you can easily use later if the file is accidentally deleted from your system. by the way, people use it so much, so you have to remove the link to the account that is synchronized in it, due to lack of synchronization, it will not transfer the data, and to a large extent, this is also one of the reasons for , that the system hangs. It is better to remove the link and then follow these steps for this

  • Browse to a drive in Windows and open the app
  • Now click on the app settings
  • Click on Account
  • Click Remove link to PC
Step 3: Disable animation and visual effects

Do you know that whatever animation you get to see on a Windows computer or whether it’s visual effects or graphics you can reduce or stop them, suppose if you take the graphics you have? (Low) if it works, then the processing power will be used, apps will load quickly and the computer will be fast, then you can do it by following the steps below.

  • go to the control panel
  • Click on Advanced system
  • Click Settings in the Advanced setting
  • Deselect the option below by clicking on the Visual Effects option
  • now click ok
Step 4: Remove viruses from the computer

There is a reason why the computer is slow or hangs, there is a virus in the system, if any kind of virus comes in your laptop, then you need to remove it as soon as possible, now you can use antivirus software. can also delete virus using software), by the way you can remove virus from Windows for free by reading this post. How to remove virus from computer?

Step 5: Perform Disk Cleanup

If the system runs slowly or hangs, then you must do Disk Cleanup in between, it is a software that is already installed in your system. Microsoft windows I get this software, it deletes unnecessary things like temporary data, cache files etc from your system which are not used in your system and it is beneficial to delete these things then it is useful for this. Follow the steps

  • In Windows, search for Disk Cleanup and open it
  • Now select C Drive and click OK
  • Now select the data to be deleted and click ok
Step 6: Free up space in C Drive

Many times, due to installation of too much software, the C drive in your system becomes full of red color, which is not considered good for your PC, so try to keep the maximum free space in the c drive, this will make the system faster.

Step 7: Delete unnecessary software

There will be a lot of software on your computer which you don’t use at all which is useless in a way then it is better to delete that software and yes even after installing more software the system hangs then you can delete your laptop computer. fast (fast portable) able to

Step 8: Reset the computer

See if you use the above step tip for a few days but if the system still hangs then there is only one way left either install a new window (window installation) or yours reset the computer By resetting, the data will be deleted from your desktop or as soon as your system comes, it will be like new, which means lag, hang, problem in the system, everything is exactly the same. It will be true, you will feel like you have taken a new PC, so follow the below steps for this.

  • Search for settings and click on it
  • Now click on system
  • Click Updates and Security
  • Click Restore
  • In Reset this PC, click Get started

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