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Hello Friends, Today we are going to talk about, Hello friends! Does it happen to you that sometimes your phone suddenly gets too hot? If yes, then this is bad for your phone. It can damage your phone, so you mustn’t take it lightly and eliminate this problem. Today’s article will tell How to Stop Your Phone From Overheating and their solutions.

So if your smartphone also gets hot, i.e., your phone also has a heating problem, then this article can play a very important role in solving your problem. So let’s know why your phone or mobile gets hot.

Stop Your Phone From Overheating

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smartphone. In today’s time, we need a phone somewhere in all our work. From morning till evening, we do many things with the help of our phone, and because it is an electronic device, it gets hot many times when we use it too much.

If we use an electronic device a lot, it is common to get hot. For example, you can watch TV, freeze, computer, speaker, or another electronic device.

There is no problem with this, but sometimes it happens that your smartphone becomes very hot. It is called phone overheating or phone overheating. The issue of phone overheating / phone overheating occurs with many people.

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Many people do not pay attention to this, and the result is that their phone gets damaged or there is a problem like a phone hanging. That is why you must eliminate this problem in time so that your smartphone can work properly.

The problem of overheating of the phone is mostly found in old telephones. So let’s know how to avoid the problem of phone overheating. But before finding a solution to the problem, you need to see how this problem arises. Meaning, what are the reasons for the phone getting hot?

How to Stop Your Phone From Overheating [2022]

There can be many reasons for the phone overheating, such as keeping the phone on charge for a long time, using the wrong charger, keeping the phone in the sun, playing games on the phone, more data. Due to processing and other similar reasons, the phone gets hot.

We have explained all these reasons in detail below. So let’s know the reasons for overheating of the phone as well as ways to avoid this problem, what to do when the phone is hot, how to prevent the phone from overheating are.

Why Does the Mobile Phone Get Hot?

Phone Charging for Too Long

Due to keeping the smartphone on charge for too long, problems like overheating often arise in them. People usually keep the phone on demand even after it is fully charged. This is one of the biggest reasons why the phone starts heating up.

Because of the Internet

Another big reason for the phone getting hot is your data too. When you are using the internet on your mobile for a long time, and if its speed is low, then this can also be a reason, due to which your phone may heat up.

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Due to Virus

If your phone has a virus, this can also be a reason to heat up.

Playing Games

Playing games on your mobile for a long time can also cause an overheating problem on your phone.

Due to High Data Processing

One of the major reasons for phone heating is sometimes due to excessive data processing.

Background Apps

Due to multitasking in smartphones today, we can use many apps simultaneously, and then those apps remain open in the background, consuming your phone battery. This is also one of the reasons why your phone heats up. Seems to happen.

Reasons to Use the Camera for a Long Time

If you have been keeping the camera open for a long time, and you are taking photos or making videos for a long time, then due to this also your phone may be overheating.

Due to Late Calling

Even if you are talking on the phone for a long time, your phone may get hot.

Due to Duplicate Charger

Charging the smartphone with a duplicate charger also causes the phone to overheat. Not only this, but they also reduce the battery life of your mobile.

Due to Full Internal Storage

Even if your phone’s internal storage is full, then your phone may still be facing the problem of overheating.

Reasons to keep the Phone in the Sun

If you put your smartphone in the sun, even for a while, it will heat up.

Because of Mobile Cover

If you have put such a mobile cover on your smartphone, which is completely packed and is preventing the smartphone from coming in contact with the environment, and due to which the radiation of the phone stops. So this generates heat in your smartphone, and then there is the problem of overheating.

Because of Software

If your phone is very old, and it heats up frequently, one of the reasons could be its software. Sometimes the software does not work properly due to old age, and the mobile starts heating up again and again.

Keeping mobile on the soft surface during charge

If you have put your mobile on charging and kept it on a soft place like sofa, bed, then this can also be a reason for mobile heating. Because when the mobile is on a charge, the heat comes out of it. Now, if we keep the mobile on a soft surface, that heat remains the same, and the mobile keeps getting hot.

Reasons for Using Heavy Apps

If your phone is not heating up due to the reasons mentioned above, then one more reason that can cause your phone to heat up is battery consumption. If you use Google’s heavy apps on mobile, drain the most battery, use them for a long time. Like – Google Map, Play Store. Even then, the phone starts heating up.

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Reasons to use Another Phone’s Battery

It often happens that for any reason, we change the battery of our phone and put the storm of another phone in it, or sometimes we use the local artillery. So this can also cause a mobile heating problem.

Due to High Brightness

High brightness can also be an important reason for mobile heating.

Hotspot, because of functions like wifi and Bluetooth is turned on

If your mobile connection is like a hot spot, Wifi and Bluetooth are on for some time. Even then, your mobile can be hot.

Due to Prolonged USE

If you are using the phone continuously for a long time, it is natural for it to get hot.

So, friends, these were some of the reasons, due to which many times the mobile phone heats up. So let us now see what we should do to remedy this.

How to Cool an Overheated Phone

As we told you earlier, if your mobile is overheating, it is not good. You should solve this problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may create a problem for you. We have already told you the reasons for overheating of the mobile. Now let’s solve them.

Let us see what to do when the phone heats up.

  1. Please do not put the phone on charging for a long time. People often fall asleep by setting the phone at night, and even after the phone is fully charged, it remains on capture. This overcharging heats your phone and reduces your phone’s battery life.
  2. To protect the phone from overcharging. If your phone gets very hot, then do not charge it fully and only set it to 80% in one go and avoid putting the phone on charging at night. The second reason for mobile heating can be due to the continuous on of the internet. If you are not using the net, turn off your phone data.
  3. Sometimes phone heats up due to viruses, then use anti-virus apps in your phone. Apart from this, if you want to install any app or game, then use the Play Store.
  4. Avoid playing games on mobile for a long time.
  5. If more data is saved in 5 old mobiles, the data processing is also more. So to avoid this problem, keep deleting unused files from time to time.
  6. Avoid multitasking apps in the background. Run only those apps which are needed in the environment. Apart from this, there is an option of background data in the smartphone’s settings, so using this, you can stop the apps’ data from running in the background of your mobile. So that the data is not used in the apps living in the background, with the help of this, your phone will start getting less heat.
  7. Do not leave the mobile camera on for a long time.
  8. Do not talk on the phone for a long time, and if the phone is on charging while talking, remove it from charge.
  9. Do not use a duplicate charger or charger from another phone.
  10. If your phone has more internal storage, delete the unnecessary files and move the rest of the data to the SD card. With this, the problem of phone heating will go away, as well as if your phone hangs, then your problem will also go away.
  11. Never keep the phone in the sun.
  12. If you use a mobile cover, use a good quality cover. Which is not fully packaged. If your phone overheats, remove the cover when charging, or if possible, don’t use the cover.
  13. If your phone is old, keep updating the software from time to time. This will also remove the mobile heating problem, and your phone will also run smoothly.
  14. Always keep the phone on hard surfing (e.g., table, ground, cupboard, etc.) while charging so that the heat coming out of it can come out.
  15. Go to the phone’s settings and see which apps drain more battery. Use them only when needed.
  16. Never use the battery of another phone in your phone. If your phone’s battery is damaged, even then, bring the battery of the phone company from the market. Avoid using local batteries as well.
  17. Keep the mobile brightness low.
  18. Do not keep functions like hot spot, wifi, and Bluetooth on the phone for a long time. Shut them down as soon as they are done.
  19. If you are using mobile continuously, then do not do this. Close it for a while. It will work for its heat. Apart from this, you can also turn off your phone for a time. This would be a great solution.

So, friends, these are some remedies, by which if your phone is hot, you can easily overcome the problem of heating or overheating.


Today, through this article, we have tried to give you a lot of information. We hope that you have understood through the article Phone Garam Kyu Hota Hai that if your mobile is hot, how can you reduce the temperature of your phone. I hope you liked the information given here. Thank you!

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