James Harden Opens Up About Time with the Nets and Durant

Harden had some insight into the Brooklyn Nets’ lack of structure, which was one of the reasons why he requested a trade to the Philadelphia 76ers before the deadline.

James Harden was questioned about his time spent in Brooklyn. He claimed that a hamstring ailment had prevented him from getting well.

He then discussed his thoughts on the nets and the requirement for structure.

I’m not trying to put someone down or anything. Simply put, there was no structure, and everyone needs structure, even celebrities. That enables us to perform at our highest levels as leaders and players for our various teams, according to Harden. Given the news stories about the Nets firing head coach Steve Nash and Durant requesting a trade after only four months, the timing of this statement makes sense.

I think everybody knows that. And although I was ready for such talk and remarks, another celebrity there (Durant) declared a wish to leave the following summer. Is this to say that I am still the quitter?

Throughout the season, Durant and Harden were infamous for butting heads. As a result of his adamant opposition to vaccinations, Kyrie Irving missed home games. Even though they were well-established in Brooklyn, the big 3 didn’t seem to last very long.

Harden is coming off a big double-double Tuesday (December 13), where he had 21 points, seven rebounds, fifteen assists, and five steals across 36 minutes during a 123-103 win over the kings

James Harden and Kevin Durant Did Not Get Along Last Season

As many people are well aware, the experiments involving James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant did not succeed in their second year. They were without a doubt the NBA team with the highest level of skill. They were also the most turbulent big three in the NBA outside of it, though.

The story made it apparent that Kevin Durant had told James Harden personally that he thought Harden was out of shape.

From top to bottom, James Harden’s tenure with the Nets has been one of the most uneasy times any superstar has ever had on a team.

A Nets staff member claimed that James became tired of it all after a certain point.

He was unhappy with almost every aspect of the team by the end of his second season and promptly requested a trade.

Harden described he didn’t mean to just down-talk anybody or whatever it was just, there was no structure, and even superstars need structure. We are able to play our best and lead our organizations best because of this.

The three of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving will always be one of the most significant “what ifs” in NBA history.

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