Know About the Rapid Metro Gurgaon and its Fair and Timing

Rapid Metro Gurgaon line was built by Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (IL&FS), making it the first metro system in the world to be entirely privately financed and built. However, due to a lack of funding, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has taken over the operations and hired IL&FS to run the services. The line was initially constructed as a loop around DLF Cyber City, and in the following phase, it was extended further southward inside the city. The system makes use of three-coach trains, 1435 mm tracks, and 750 V direct current via third rail. The Delhi Metro’s Yellow Line also runs through Gurgaon, making Rapid Metro the second metro system that serves the city. 

Rapid Metro Route: Technical Details

  • The Rapid Metro Gurgaon system connects Delhi and Gurgaon with its distinct and lightweight metro network. a few of the most important Rapid Metro Route specifics.
  • The DLF, Enso Group, and Infrastructure Leasings and Financial Services initially provided funding for the rapid transit project (IL&FS)
  • The Rapid Metro Gurgaon Limited constructed and runs the Rapid Metro route (No operated by DMRC)
  • The Rapid Metro was constructed over two stages. Phase 1 was made available to the public in November 2013, and Phase 2 started operating in March 2017.
  • The automated and fully elevated rapid transit route.
  • The Rapid Metro system has 12 trains in total.
  • The maximum capacity of each rapid metro train is 800 passengers.
  • For the safety of the passengers, the Rapid Metro route’s stations are each fitted with Emergency Stop Plungers.
  • In September 2019, the DMRC took over management of the Rapid Metro.
  • The naming rights for its stations were first put up for auction by the Rapid Metro system in India.
  • A press-to-talk button allows passengers to communicate directly with the train’s driver.
  • Rapid Metro Rail depots can be found at the Sector 55-56 station and Phase 3 metro station, respectively.
  • The Rapid Metro route’s security is handled by private security firms, as opposed to the Delhi Metro network, where it is handled by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).
  • The Sikandarpur metro station has a dedicated metro police station.

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Rapid Metro Timings

For daily commuters heading to Delhi, the Rapid Metro network has proven to be a very practical form of transportation. The rapid metro runs from 6:00 AM until 22:00 PM every day.

The rapid metro’s three coach rails run every four minutes. The metro travels at a 40 Km/hr operational speed.

Rapid Metro Fares

A flat rate of Rs 20 is charged by the rapid metro network for traveling on the Phase 1 and Phase 2 lines separately. However, there will be a charge of Rs 35 if you want to go from the Phase 1 line to the Phase 2 line or the other way around.

The Rapid Metro’s unpopularity and low ridership have also been attributed to high fares. The Delhi Metro tokens and smart cards are now accepted in the rapid transit system following the DMRC’s takeover. Gurgaon’s Rapid Metro has a state-of-the-art automated fare collection system.

Additional features

You can make your commute enjoyable if you so choose. The Rapid Metro Gurgaon is a great option if you want to celebrate in style and in a distinctive way. It includes a variety of services on its list. Let’s examine a few of them:

Birthday on Wheels: If a child’s birthday is quickly approaching and you want to throw a stylish party with a little something extra, you can rent a train car, decorate it, and have the celebration there! Sounds like fun, huh? You can contact them via their social media to make the reservations and learn more about the procedure. platforms, or by calling 0124-2800028. In this manner, you can make your celebration the entire rapid metro route! 

Hassle Free-Ride: Well, if you’d like, you can reserve an entire train car for a single business or even a school function. Imagine that you want to bring the kids from school on a picnic. Then you can reserve the entire train car for the kids to avoid all the hassle and ensure a smooth experience throughout the rapid metro route. Many different corporations can use this feature as well. It makes for a smoother and more comfortable journey.

Educational Programmes: There are occasionally organized educational excursions that describe how the Gurgaon rapid metro operates. Several schools may choose to arrange for the children’s benefit to go on this trip. Customized educational tours may also be arranged as needed. Along the fast metro line, it’s a fun way to learn!

There are more than just metro routes on the Rapid Metro Gurgaon. It provides convenience and aids in time and energy conservation, but more importantly, it provides excellent connectivity. When you add the extra features you get, it becomes a truly exceptional experience.

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In this blog, we shared information about the Rapid Metro Gurgaon like Rapid Metro Route, Rapid Metro Timings, Rapid Metro Fares, and some more additional features.

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