Know the Blenders Pride Price in Delhi and Its History

Blenders Pride is one of India’s most well-known whiskey brands. Blenders Pride has carved up a strong market position by fusing some of the best Scotch malts from Chivas Brothers with the best Indian grain spirits.

It is created using a blend of imported Scotch malt and Indian grain spirit. if we talk about the Blenders Pride Price in Delhi then it’s between 110 Rs – 970 Rs according to the variation in it.

One of the best premium blended whiskeys in India is Blenders Pride produced utilizing Indian grain spirit and imported Scotch malt from Chivas Brothers. This premium whisky, first introduced in 1995, uses Scotland’s lengthy tradition of fusing quality whiskeys to cater to the tastes of the many whiskey enthusiasts that inhabit the nation. Blenders Pride has been a Pernod Ricard property since 2001.

List of Blenders Pride Price in Delhi According to Its Packing Size

Blenders Pride Rare Premium Whiskey is offered in various pack sizes and has a tamper-proof top. The package sizes offered include 1 liter, 750 ml, 375 ml, 180 ml, and 90 ml. The Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whiskey and normal Blenders Pride Prices in Delhi are listed below.

Here is the list of Blenders pride prices in Delhi:

Brand  Pack Size Price
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky 90 ml Rs 110
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky 180 ml Rs 190
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky 375 ml Rs 380
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky 750 ml Rs 750
Blenders Pride Reserve Collection Whisky 1000 ml Rs 970


Now you know the Blenders Pride Price in Delhi according to its packing size, with the help of the above-mentioned list.

History of Seagram’s Blenders Pride Whisky

Seagram’s Blenders’ History In 1995, Seagram released Pride Whiskey Blender’s Pride to the Indian market. On December 21, 2001, Pernod Ricard acquired Seagram’s international business operations, and on December 21 Diageo did the same. It is now Pernod Ricard’s responsibility to oversee Seagram’s Indian business.

By purchasing a majority position in United Agencies Ltd. (UAL), a company that possessed a bottling business in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Pernod Ricard had already established a presence in the Indian market.

United Agencies Ltd. merged with Seagram’s Indian operations, and the resulting business is still in existence today under the name Seagram Manufacturing Ltd. Since Seagram already had a wide range of businesses across the nation, UAL’s incorporation into the company was a straightforward idea.

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