Know the Virat Kohli Drinking Water Price

Undoubtedly, the most well-liked cricketer is Virat Kohli. He is one of the greatest players the game has ever seen and a living legend. The young man from Delhi has had the talent and potential to succeed in life since he was little. Kohli has become the player he is today, though, not just because of his talent but also because of his extreme discipline and dedication. Well, in this blog, we are going to learn about the Virat Kohli drinking water price.

He may be the world’s most physically fit cricket player. He’s taken his exercise routine to a whole new level and he also strictly monitors his food. Along with diet, drinking the proper amount of water at the right time is important. Virat Kohli allegedly drinks black water, according to numerous internet rumors that were circulating at one point.

It is simply fiction since the legendary Indian batsman has acknowledged that he drinks alkaline water. Since Evian Natural Spring water offers more health advantages than normal water, Virat Kohli drinks it.

Naturally, alkaline water keeps Kolhi hydrated, but it also has a high pH level and strengthens the immune system. Because water is unprocessed, chemical-free, and entirely natural, it has a lot of natural minerals that keep skin glowing as well.

Virat Kohli Drinking Water Price

Evian is a French water brand that Virat Kohli enjoys. Another name for it is black water. Any athlete can drink this water because it has a ton of minerals. It was taken from a freshwater lake in France and is completely natural and additive-free.

Given his income, Virat Kohli need not be concerned about the cost of maintaining his physical fitness. Virat Kohli Drinking water price is INR 4200 a liter. Yes, it is over 2100% more expensive than India’s standard water. To ensure he never runs out of drinking water, the former Indian captain periodically buys enormous shipments of Evian water.



It regulates the body’s water balance and alkalizes it. Evian water is drawn directly from a lake, in contrast to other mineral waters that add several minerals after passing through man-made filters. This makes it the preferred water for athletes like Virat Kohli. One of this water’s best advantages is that it is organic and pure. The top athletes in the world use this water as well, and they adore it for how pure it is.

Virat Kohli Drinking Water Price in India

In India, the price of a liter of Kohli’s Evian Natural Spring water ranges from INR 600 to INR 36,000. The Indian run-machine spends almost INR 4.5 lakh per year on his drinking water supply, even if he just consumes two liters of water every day.

What Are the Qualities of Evian Water?

In addition to diet, he has given drinking water significant attention. According to the claims, the Indian captain does indeed consume “black water.” Black water is a natural remedy for increasing well-being since it contains a combination of about 70 minerals. The characteristics of black water are listed below.

  • encourages hydration
  • exceptionally high pH of 8.5
  • increases immunity
  • increased skin quality
  • Reduces weight with the aid of
  • depression is lessened.
  • keeps an eye on diabetes and blood pressure

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