Know WhatsApp Hacks To Enable IP Protect Feature 

WhatsApp just announced the sort of Whatsapp Hacks, in which platform’s rollout of the IP Protect functionality for voice and video communications.

Bypassing all user calls through WhatsApp’s servers, this function adds an extra layer of privacy protection by shielding users’ internet protocol (IP) addresses from prying eyes during WhatsApp calls. In essence, These are new WhatsApp feature/WhatsApp Hacks that enables users to keep their location secret from other callers.

WhatsApp Hacks

How To Enable IP Protect Feature For WhatsApp Calls

Step 1: On your iPhone or Android device, Use the most recent version of WhatsApp. 

Step 2: Press the Settings menu that appears in the app’s lower right corner.

Step 3: Next, select Privacy from the Account menu by tapping on it.

Step 4: On the Privacy page, scroll to the bottom and select the Advanced option.

Step 5: Turn the feature on or off by adjusting the “Protect IP address in calls” button.

How To Use The Silence Unknown Callers Feature

It’s important to remember that WhatsApp has several features in addition to IP Protect to shield users from unknown callers. The business released a function earlier this year called “Silence Unknown Callers,” which stops spyware and sophisticated cyberattacks in addition to bothersome calls.

Here’s how to use WhatsApp’s Silence Unknown Callers feature step-by-step:

Step 1: Press the Settings menu that appears in the app’s lower right corner.

Step 2: Next, press the menu for privacy.

Step 3: Select Calls from the menu.

Step 4: Turn the toggle to the on or off position.


Do IP Addresses Display Too Much Identity On Calls?

IP addresses have the ability to identify the internet service provider being used as well as provide location information. Peer-to-peer calls are connected by both sides seeing each other’s IP addresses. When the new setting is activated, WhatsApp connects peer-to-peer but routes all calls through its servers.

“With this feature enabled, all your calls will be relayed through WhatsApp’s servers, ensuring that other parties in the call cannot see your IP address and subsequently deduce your general geographical location,” reads the announcement.

This Approach Blocks The Parties On A Call From Viewing Each Other’s Ip Addresses

Each user must manually activate the optional setting in the app’s privacy settings. WhatsApp emphasized that calls are still encrypted end-to-end even when IP concealment is turned off.

The “Protect IP Address” function comes after an earlier this year significant privacy enhancement. With WhatsApp, you can now completely ban calls from unknown numbers. The goal of the “Silence Unknown Callers” setting is to cut down on unsolicited communication and possible entry points for cyberattacks.

WhatsApp’s attempts to strike a compromise between improved user security and the ease of use and level of support users anticipate from calling apps are reflected in these two new privacy features. By directing calls through WhatsApp’s servers, hiding IP addresses increases latency but eliminates unintentional location disclosure. While blocking unknown callers improves privacy, it may also filter out calls that you wish to receive.

Whatsapp Continues Working To Make Its Platform More Private And Secure

The business, which is owned by Facebook, asserts that over 2 billion people use its encrypted phone and messaging services globally. WhatsApp hopes that features like IP address protection will allay customers’ worries about data privacy while preserving the functionality they need.

On iOS and Android, the “Protect IP Address” update is currently available. To enable the setting, users must navigate to Account > Privacy > IP Address. The most recent privacy updates from WhatsApp are designed to offer users greater control over their data.



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