Las Vegas Strip Club Gives Free Rides To Airport Travelers

Las Vegas strip club offers amazing deals for their stranded passengers in the wake of nationwide travel headaches. Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club declared on social media that it is giving out special deals. And a free ride from the Las Vegas airport to those “ fallen victim to holiday travel delays.”

In the deal from LA, those affected by the travel nightmares can enter the building without any fee. And also a free first drink, the entertainment club said on social media. The only requirement is we have to show the canceled flight ticket to the Las Vegas strip club staff.

The deal offers us flights across the country that have been canceled because of the winter storms and issues with airlines’ web pages. Southwest Airlines have been at the center of nationwide scrutiny after 2900 flights were declined Monday. According to a tracking webpage FlightAware. One of the travelers stranded at LAX, Doug, told FOX 11 money that Southwest has “removed any ability to get a reservation until January 1.

On Southwest Airlines’ website, there are no flights available incoming or outgoing into LAX from various airports. That includes Sea-Tac, Phoenix, New York, and San Francisco till December 31. Despite sunny skies and hot temperatures, Los Angeles was far from a secure environment in the nationwide travel nightmare. On Monday, Lax saw more than 100 flight cancellations, Long Beach airport had about 60 cancellations, Hollywood Burbank airport saw more than 80 cancellations, Ontario International airport saw about 50 cancellations and John Wayne airport had like 100 canceled flights.

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How You Can Get A Refund Of Cancelled Flights?

So many travelers were stranded, many on Southwest Airlines, at airports or trying to rebook those flights this week as a big storm snarled travel in the United States and Canada.

More than 2800 flights had been canceled already in the United States at 7 AM. Tuesday the flight tracking service Flight Aware and Problems are probably going to keep on at least till Wednesday.

Staying calm and being aware of our rights could go a long way if our flight is canceled which was said by some experts. If you still want to go to your place, many airlines will rebook you for free on the next available flight until the seats are available there, according to the United States Department of Transportation.

If you want to conceal the journey, you will get a full refund, even though you bought non-refundable tickets. You will also get refunded any bag fees, seat upgrades, or other extras fees. Kurt Ebenhoch, a consumer travel advocate and former airline executive, said that travelers are available for a refund. And not only vouchers for future trips. If you get a voucher, make sure you know about blackout dates and other restrictions. Major airlines and Delta, American, Southwest, Air Canada, Alaska, Frontier, and Spirit are making change fees during the storm. That offers travelers better as they shift their plans.

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