Soccer Sport Writer Grant Wahl Died During FIFA World Cup Match

On Friday, Grant Wahl died while covering the soccer quarterfinal tournament between Argentina and the Netherlands Fifa World Cup 2022 in Doha, Qatar.

As The Tournament was gradually about to end NPR Correspondent Tom Goldman got to see some commotion in the press tribune at Lusail Stadium. But, after a few minutes, paramedics took him out on a stretcher. while performing CPR while using an automatic chest compressor. Wahl’s wife and his brother Eric Wahl both confirmed the misfortune demise of Grant Wahl to NPR.

NPR previously reported that Wahl was turned away from the stadium in November in Qatar just because of the rainbow print on his T-shirt. On which Wahl tweeted “Just now: Security guard refusing to let me into the stadium for USA-Wales. “You have to change your shirt.”

Grant Wahl Died

In an interview with NPR, Eric Wahl Said That “ Wahl was very critical of FIFA World Cup 2022 which is not new to him and very critical of how Qataris were running the game”.

U.S. Soccer has a saying on Wahl’s demise in a tweet on Twitter
“Grant’s passion for soccer and commitment to elevating its profile across our sporting landscape played a major role in helping to drive interest in and respect for our beautiful game.”

As Wahl visited to the clinic on Monday, the staff informed him that he had bronchitis.

After that, Grant Wahl tweeted, “My body finally gave up on me. Three weeks of little sleep, high stress, and tonnes of work can do that to you. Ten days prior to the USA vs. Netherlands game, I had a slight cold that had become more severe. On the night of the match, I could feel the pressure growing in my upper chest.

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