The Brooklyn Nets Made History with the 3rd-Most Points in NBA

On Wednesday night, The Brooklyn Nets scored 91 points against Golden State. It was the 3rd most score in the whole NBA history. The Nets beat the Golden State Warriors, 91-51. Nets player Kevin Durant recorded 23 points,  7 rebounds, and 5 assists for the nets. James Wiseman recorded 30 points and 6 rebounds The Warrior’s team was missing Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Andrew Wiggins.

Brooklyn shot 35 for 49 (71.4%) in the first 24 minutes. The Brooklyn Nets grew to 20-12 and the Warriors dropped to 15-18. Let’s take a look back at NBA history. On November 10, 1990, Phoenix scored 107 points against Denver. Phoenix made history with the first most points in NBA history. On October 29, 2018, The Warriors (currently Nets star) Kevin Durant on their roster scored 92 against Chicago. After Phoenix’s win in 1990, It was the second most points in NBA history.

The Nets led 46-17 after one quarter. There was a 29-point difference which was the highest quarter in the league this season. The Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash was fired on November 1st, 2022. In addition, Jacque Vaughn took his place who was Nets’ assistant for a long time since 2016. People said Jacque Vaughn was the right choice for The Brooklyn Nets. He put the team together.

In 1968 This team played in many arenas in Long Island, New York as The New York Nets. The Nets have the longest winning streak in the NBA. They won the championship two times in 1974 and 1976. 

Brooklyn Nets

Growth of The Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are growing fast with the best players on their roster. It’s very important for the team to always be on the right track which Brooklyn Nets proved in their longtime streak. Jacque Vaughn is leading the team with all the good efforts. Finally, the Nets got someone familiar with the team. Kevin Durant pushed the team to a historical victory.

Now Nets keep improving their strategy and trying to be on the map as we have seen them for a long time. There are very few possibilities that their opposing team The Warriors would surpass The Brooklyn Nets which is getting better day by day. The best strategy gives the best results. The Nets have been improving their strategy and in addition, they have done their best all this time.

Now it looks like the Warriors need to get the best of the team to get on track back again. Even though Brooklyn Nets lost many games this season, but moreover they are still a better team on the roster. Steve Nash, who was recently fired from the Nets, has been the most valuable player for the Phoenix Suns two times. The reason he got fired was because of their team’s performance on the court. And backlash over the star guard Kyrie Irving’s off-court antics. It seems that the Brooklyn net took the right step to replace him with Jacque Vaughn.

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