The Journey Of The MBA Chai Wala: From Handcarts To Billions

MBA Chai Wala A unique and tremendous enthusiasm-filled story. In the last 1.5 – 2 years, there have been many discussions about who this “MBA chai wala” is and how this person became famous.

So hello friends, in this blog we will know about this MBA Chai Wala, how he made a small start by setting up a roadside tea stall and today has become a famous Chai Wala all over India.

A young age person; one who had neither work experience nor any future plans, but still he became a famous businessman today. We are talking about Prafull Billore; Which has proved that if you have a good mindset and desire to do something in the future, then you can decorate your future even through a cup of tea.

Prafull Billore’s MBA starting with Cup of Tea

Prafulla Billor’s MBA journey started in 2014 when he moved to Ahmedabad and started his dream MBA course. To set his career, he wanted to do MBA to earn good money so that life gets set.

Prafulla Billore was very eager to pursue MBA, he started preparing for CAT, GMAT, and other common admission tests and worked very hard to get admission to top colleges.

In an interview given to a channel, she said, “Studying 8/10 hours a day, revising all reasoning test questions was all that was involved in my life”, “Me, my book and my cup of tea, no friends, no Not a family member; just MBA, MBA, and MBA”

But after 3 consecutive years of Preparation 2 Failed Attempts, when he tried something new, he did not succeed, he got disappointed and decided to leave it.

Knowing Myself and Embarking on a New Journey

After his failure during MBA preparation, he packed his bags and set out on a new journey. He explored cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, and finally after roaming around again reached Ahmedabad where he felt comfortable.

After reaching Ahmedabad, to earn his livelihood, he worked in McDonald’s where he was paid Rs.37/- per hour, which was a new experience in his life; Where meeting new people, and seeing new faces every day included all this.

But from there he was not getting satisfaction, to make his identity, he started setting up a tea stall and it proved to be a successful decision to bring his life to this point.

Why Prafull Billore Decided to Set Up a Tea Stall Come About?

After working at McDonald’s, when he thought of starting his own startup, then the idea of setting up a tea stall came into his mind, I think like me all of you must have got this question in your mind that a well-educated person who is preparing for MBA It has been said that he will start a good business, but why did the idea of setting up a tea cart come in his mind.

It started when I thought of leaving my job at McDonald’s and trying to create a separate identity for myself. Ideas related to burgers or pizza also came into his mind, but he wanted to make a mark in the market by taking something that is different from other entrepreneurship.

Then the idea of tea came into his mind, which helped him during his MBA preparation, because he is selling things like burgers, and pizza, but who will start selling tea, then he made this tea a foundation and started this new career started and later became an icon for the youth.

Initial Struggle to Start This Business

The first challenge for Prafull Billore was to start collecting funds, which he lied to his father and took money in the name of a course and started with the same money.

When he set up a tea stall on the first day, not even a single cup of tea was sold, he was a little disappointed, and the next day he started reaching out to others, and on the second day 5 cups were sold and by doing this slowly he started his business began to grow.

A Rising Star Whose Success Didn’t Go Down Well with the People Around

Prafull Billore

They say that it hurts a lot if the person who came behind you goes ahead of you in front of you. The same was the case for Prafull Billore; When the crowd of customers started increasing at his shop and people started liking his tea,

then the people around felt jealous because Prafull Billore’s earnings started getting good, there was so much crowd at one of his tea shop that people were surprised and In fact,

Prafull Billore started earning well from a tea shop which the people around; Even after having a good shop, they could not do it, this was the only reason that the people around there did not want their shop to run and for this reason, people started harassing them.

After seeing all this, Prafull Billore was very disappointed because his shop was closed after people harassed him. After the closure of the shop for 15-20 days, he became very upset.

He started remembering those old things, interaction with the customer and the well-established shop through which he was making a good earning, after all this closure it was bound to be boring because he had also left MBA and the medium of earning was also closed. So what to do now?

Disappointment Prafulla Billore and Again Start with Positive Vibes

If the tree is planted correctly, it will also bear fruit. Something similar happened with Prafulla Billore. Disappointment aside, he once again thought with a restless mind that how to start the same thing again where people could not bother because many people had connected with him through social media with the customer at the old shop and the messages of those people were asking about his shop.

Prafulla Billore started looking for a place to re-establish her shop and reached outside a hospital where she requested the doctor to establish her shop the doctor was already familiar with the person, and his behavior was good; Then did the doctor allow him to set up his shop and he started his shop there.

And his shop started again but he did not want to limit his shop to only one tea. Prafulla Billore wanted to know how my shop can help people, keeping this in mind, he put a board outside his shop which acted like a job recruiter board.

An Interesting Story Behind the Name “MBA Chai Wala”

What would come to mind after hearing the name “MBA Chai Wala” is that he opened a tea shop after doing MBA!, Tea shop after taking an MBA degree!

While it is surprising that he did not do an MBA, how was his shop named “MBA Chai Wala”? There is a very interesting story behind this, first, he named his shop “Mr. Billore” but soon he changed the name because some people started making fun of him through this name; When the negativity started increasing from the people of this name, he changed it from “Mr. Billore” to “MBA Chai Wala” in which MBA means “Mr. Billore Ahemdabad”, this is the interesting story of this name.

Responsibilities That Made This Effort of Prafull Billore a Youth Icon

He opened his tea shop but what was Prafull Billore’s effort that made him such a big brand, the reason behind this is that he actively supported people in various events, any crisis, disaster, and International events, worked closely with NGOs and his good behavior won the hearts of people.

Finally, he won the hearts of the people with his respectful behavior and manners and ruled their hearts, then he became such a big brand.

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