Tina Turner Paid Gratitude To Late Son

Tina Turner Paid Gratitude To Late Son: Tina Turner’s Ronnie Turner died at the age of 62. His mother and wife declared on Friday. She posted a picture of her son on her Instagram Account and wrote Gone Too Soon, Ronnie. When I close my eyes I think about you, my son.

Ronnie played a part in What’s Love Got To Do With It? The 1992 Angela Bassett-led biopic on his mother’s life(Tina Turner).

Afida Turner Ronnie’s wife and French singer approved of her husband’s death via Instagram. She termed him as her best friend and real spirit.

She further said: I did the simplest to the top, this point I used to be not ready to prevent. Love you for…. Seventeen years. This can be terribly terribly terribly unhealthy and I am terribly mad.

Tina Turner Paid Gratitude To Late Son

Afida married Ronnie in 2007. This is a disaster with you, your brother Craig and your father Ike Turner, and Aline Rest In Peace. It’s so unfair.

She referred to the death of his older brother Craig who gunfire himself in 2018 at the age of 59.

Like his parents, he was a talented musician and played in a band called Manufactured Funk.

On Thursday morning the cops received a call and the person told them that Ronnie Turner is not able to breathe. After some time he was not breathing.

The medical attendant went to the San Fernando Valley address where people standing near him were trying to save his life but the attempt was not fulfilled and he was declared dead there.

It’s not the first time when the singer is facing such a situation. She faced this earlier in 2018 when her elder son Craig shot himself.

At that time she also tweeted that when I assembled with my family and friends to dissolve his ashes she said her last farewell to her son. Unfortunately, he was 59 when he departed but he will always be my baby.

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