Unleash the Magic of Snapchat Plus Features

Without a doubt, Snapchat has grown to be a significant player in the constantly changing social media landscape. Millions of people worldwide have been enthralled with the app due to its peculiar filters and transient nature. But many people haven’t yet uncovered Snapchat’s hidden gold mine: the Snapchat Plus features. These undiscovered treasures have the power to elevate your Snapchat encounter to new heights.

What is Snapchat Plus Features?

The Snapchat Plus Features is premium version of Snapchat, known as Snapchat Plus, allows users early access to test features like pinning conversations and exclusive icons. The business announced in January that over 2 million customers had paid for its $3.99 monthly subscription plan.

Currently, Snapchat Plus is accessible in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Canada, India and the United States. You should be able to use the service on your iPhone or Android device if you live in any of these countries.

Notably, Snapchat has joined an increasing number of social media platforms that have recently introduced paid subscription services. Telegram Premium became available, WhatsApp declared the launch of WhatsApp Premium, and Twitter introduced its Twitter Blue service.


How to Sign up for Snapchat Plus Features

  • To access your profile page, open Snapchat and tap the profile icon. You’ll notice an advertisement for your territory with a gold tint if Snapchat Plus supports it. If there are no banners, Snapchat Plus isn’t available in your nation.
  • To choose the duration of your subscription, tap the banner. To try the service out, you can begin with a seven-day free trial.
  • Your device type will determine your payment method. You can pay with your linked credit or debit cards, your Apple ID, or your Google account.

Snapchat Plus Exclusive Features

The full list of Snapchat Plus Features that are only available with Snapchat Plus that you can use right now is as follows:

  • Pin a BFF: This feature lets you designate a single Snap user as your best friend, as the name implies, and keeps your exchanges with them at the top of your chat history. This pin is private and only you can see it; your best friend won’t be notified.
  • Post view emoji: You can choose the emoji you want your friends to see after they see your photos by using the post view emoji.
  • Chat wallpapers: You can customize the background of your chats with the chat wallpapers feature. To set the mood for your chats, choose from one of Snap’s pre-made wallpapers or an image from your camera roll.
  • Custom camera option: With the new animated capture buttons, you can further customize how you take pictures and record videos. You have the option to change the capture button’s appearance from the familiar yellow circle to a dancing heart, football, or fidget spinner.
  • Custom story expiration: Users of Snapchat Plus have the option to customize the duration of their stories, allowing them to run for an hour or a week. This implies that you can display interesting content for a lot longer.
  • Custom app icons: You can update the Snapchat app icon on your home screen to a new, eye-catching design with custom app icons. There are more than thirty custom icons available.
  • Ghost Trails: With Ghost Trails, you can see your friends’ last-day whereabouts. However, there is a catch—or two. Only friends who have access to Snapchat Plus in their country and who share their location with you can see Ghost Trails.
  • Custom notification sounds: To know who sent you a picture without having to check your phone, you can also assign distinct notification tones to each of your friends.
  • Exclusive Bitmoji background: Bitmoji is one of the most popular features on Snap, even though it’s not a native feature. With Snapchat Plus, users can customize the backgrounds of their Bitmojis to look like shimmering gold or a tropical beach.
  • Exclusive Snapchat App Icons: The ability to switch to custom app icons is another new feature available with a Snapchat+ subscription. There are more than thirty customizable Snapchat app icons available. Additionally, the company frequently updates Snapchat Plus users’ icons.
  • Customize Bitmoji on Snap Map: Although you could always customize your Bitmoji on Snap Map, you could do even more with the Snapchat Plus subscription. By selecting a pet, which will appear alongside your Bitmoji on the Snap map, you can customize the appearance of your Bitmoji with Snapchat Plus. Additionally, you can select a vehicle for your Bitmoji, which will appear alongside it whenever someone spots you moving on the Snap map.
  • Snapstreak Restore: Up until 2022, you had to use the Snapchat support page’s “I lost my Snapstreak” feature to report a broken Snapstreak in order to get it fixed. But in 2023, Snapchat released a brand-new feature called Snapstreak Restore, which lets users tap a button to fix their broken Snapstreak. Snapchat Plus users receive five Snapstreak restores per month, and during my testing, I was receiving six Snapstreak restores. Regular Snapchat users are only eligible for one Snapstreak restore per month.



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