Urfi Javed: Rising star in the entertainment industry

New performers are always emerging in the dynamic world of show business, each with a special appeal and the capacity to enthrall audiences. Urfi Javed is one such young celebrity who has been garnering attention for her unusual style and audacious decisions. Urfi Javed has carved out a place for herself in the entertainment business because of her distinct style and fearless approach. We’ll examine this exceptional young actress’s life and career in more detail in this blog post.

Personal Life

A native of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, Urfi Javed was born on October 15, 1997. Uorfi is the name she goes by. She told me on her Instagram that she had changed her name by adding a letter. Urfi will turn 25 in 2022. She is a Libra by birth. She is of brown race and has Indian descent. Despite growing up in a prosperous, middle-class Muslim family, Urfi never converted to Islam.


Currently residing in Lucknow, Urfi attended City Montessori School for elementary and secondary education. She worked hard and did well in school, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication.




Physical Appearance

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, according to Urfi Javed, and weighs 56 kg. Urfi looks gorgeous with her silky black hair and alluring hazel eyes.

Urfi Javed Family

Urfi Javed comes from a family of Muslims. Her mother is known by the name Zakiya Sultana. Every stage of Urfi’s life was supported by her mother. She dials Sameer Aslam, her brother. She initially made the choice to live independently in New Delhi with her two sisters, Asfi Javed and Dolly Javed, after leaving her home and family. Her paternity has not yet been made public. She made the decision to live her life according to her own terms despite being raised in a very traditional environment.

Ascend to Fame

After someone posted images of Urfi on an adult website when she was a college student, her family, particularly her father, started to verbally and physically abuse her. Urfi’s family, including her siblings, fled. She struggled a lot in her formative years, took on numerous occupations to support herself, and eventually relocated to Mumbai to pursue her acting ambitions. She supported herself and her younger sisters by working in a call center. While working as a fashion designer’s assistant, she later developed an interest in working in the entertainment sector. After relocating to Mumbai, she began modeling and later participated in some fashion events by walking the catwalk.

She took part in several TV program auditions. She eventually got the chance to make her television debut with the renowned show “Tedi Medi Family” in 2015.


Urfi and Paras Kalnawat formerly had an open relationship. When the two met, the television series Meri Durga was being filmed. They really got along well with one another. They often appeared in public together and liked each other’s company. The public observed Paras and Urfi’s split in 2018. Urfi is probably not dating since she isn’t currently seeing anyone. She is wholly committed to advancing her budding profession.


Obed Afridi, the casting director, allegedly did not pay her dues, according to a number of articles Urfi released in February 2022. She further charged him with abusing young girls in order to book them for modeling gigs. She presented numerous chat screenshots in which the defendant solicited images of women who were only half dressed and requested their participation in video discussions so that she might engage in unlawful behavior. Many well-known persons, like Priyanka Sharma and Nikita Bhamidipati, spoke out in her defense, relaying stories of contacts they had with the criminal and calling for his identification.

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