Woah Vicky | Victoria Rose Waldrip - Instagram Personality

Woah Vicky is a social media personality, rapper, and model who gained fame through viral videos on Instagram and YouTube.

Her real name is Victoria Rose Waldrip, and she was born on March 7, 2000, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Woah Vicky became famous for her controversial persona and outlandish behavior, including claims of being black despite being white.

She has been involved in several controversies, including a physical altercation with fellow social media personality Bad Barbie, also known as Danielle Bregoli.

Woah Vicky has also been accused of using racial slurs and making derogatory comments toward other cultures and ethnicities.

She has over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 700,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Woah Vicky has released several rap songs, including "Woah Vicky," "Money Counter," and "H.I.P.," which have received mixed reviews from audiences.


In addition to her social media and music career, Woah Vicky has also worked as a model and has appeared in several music videos.