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A better and better life in studies successful person It is very important now to stay 10th pass As soon as you do that, you have to think about the career, what to do next and accordingly choose the subject, some people move on. to become a doctor If you want, then some people who walk in front to be an engineer as you want 12th pass If you do it with good grades, then now you have to study further, so for this some think you should study further in B.Tech, but before that it is important to know that What is B.Tech course? ,What is B.Tech Course Information in Hindi)

B.Tech Course Information in Hindi

What is b tech course information in hindi How to do a B.Tech course? ,How to do B.Tech) What is taught in B.Tech and what can one do by doing B.Tech, how many years is this course, how many fees are there for it and what is the qualification required for it (Eligibility Criteria for B.tech in Hindi) So in this article you will get complete information about B.Tech course in Hindi.

B.Tech course is a very popular course for engineers there are many students who want to take this course after passing 12th and want to make career in the course itself but before that it is important to know. is after all What is B.Tech course? ,What is B.Tech Course Information in Hindi) What are the advantages of doing it (Advantage of B.Tech course in Hindi) What are the qualifications required for this, then you will know how to do this course and how to apply for B.Tech course ( B. Tech) Route).

What is a B.Tech Course? (What is B.Tech Course Information in Hindi)

B Tech, the full form of which is Bachelor of Technology, which is called B.Tech in short, is a Bachelor Engineering degree which lasts a full 4 years in India. Like if you are in computer engineering (Computer engineering) to do or Civil engineer If you want to stay, then you can apply for B.Tech course, there is not one course in this, there are many courses, in which subject you want to study in B. Tech course, you have to do engineering You can apply for B. Tech course. Besides this there is another course called Bachelor in engineering ,Diploma Engineer) ie (BE) This is also the same course by studying which you can get engineering degree.

Some popular courses in B.Tech:
  • B.Tech in Civil Engineering (CE)
  • B Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  • B Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
  • B Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)
  • B Tech (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  • B Tech in Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • B Tech in Information Technology (IT)

What Educational Qualification is Required for B.Tech.Eligibility Criteria for B.tech in Hindi)

  • 12. passed with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects
  • You must have atleast 60% marks in 12th to appear in the entrance exam for B.Tech, only then you will get a good college.

There is not one course in B Tech there are many courses in it and to do B Tech you will find many government colleges and private colleges from where you can complete your B Tech studies. This study is a bit difficult, you see study hard Only then can you become a successful and better engineer.

Now there is no way to do B.Tech course here, here you can take direct admission in B.Tech in a private college even by donating or if you want to do B.Tech from Government College. So for this you have to clear the entrance exam, now the cost of this course is very high, the money will cost you much less money in the government college, the fees in each college is as per different courses.

If you want to do B Tech from a private college, the fee for at least 1 year will be around 1 lakh, the rest is an estimate, the fees in each college are different, so if you want to make a career in B Tech, go ahead. I will tell you to give entrance exam like IIT (IITB.Tech Each college conducts the state level entrance exam as per its own so for college admission let us know how you can become an engineer by doing B.Tech.

1. Pass 12. with Science

To study B Tech first of all you have to complete 12th i.e. school but keep in mind that as soon as you have passed 10th then you have to choose science also first physics, chemistry (chemistry) and maths can take admission in B Tech, besides this you should have atleast 60% marks in 12th.

  • pass 10th with good grades
  • 12th examination with physics, chemistry and mathematics subjects
  • Get atleast 60% marks in 12th
2. Clear Entrance test for B.Tech Course

Now after passing 12th you have to give entrance exam to take B.Tech course or if you want you can also take direct admission in any private college but its better you give entrance exam . For University), you will get all colleges or universities for B. Tech course where you can take admission in B. Tech course by giving entrance exam.

As soon as you clear the entrance exam, then you get a college based on your marks, whatever you have brought in the entrance exam, then you have to take admission for it, so here you have to complete engineering studies in which subject You choose the subject and take admission.

3. Completed B Tech Course

After taking admission in college now you have to complete B. Tech engineering this is a whole 4 year course so you have to study well first then you will get a good placement going forward which will give you a job in a good company and you becomes a If you can get a better salary, you get theory and practical here, in each semester you get different subjects, then you have to study well and pass the exam.

so that’s how you are b tech course ,B.Tech course) Can many people do direct job after doing B. Tech then some think what to do after doing B. Tech so after doing B. Tech you can do M. Tech ie. master’s degree in this field. your value will increase even more.



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