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Studying is very important in life if you want to live a good life in future so till 10th class studies are the same everywhere after that we have to after passing tenth The subject is to be chosen in 11th after that further studies are to be done and as soon as we 12th pass After that, we have to do college studies, now after passing XII some people say that they have to do further studies in the computer so they think to do BCA course but they don’t know what this course is in the end and called it, if you do, in today’s article we will tell you what is BCA, What is BCA Course Information in Hindi) How to do BCA (how to do BCA after 12th) And what are the advantages of doing BCA and how to take admission in BCA (How to get admission to BCA) How get admission to BCA.

Today, the interest among students is increasing a lot in the computer field, so many students want to go into the computer field after passing 12th and to go to the computer field. BCA course It would have been a very good choice but before taking admission to this you should know some important things you should have complete knowledge about this course after all that is this course what kind of study is in it and after having done that what kind of job you get Job) and can get good special salary (income) first let’s know what is BCA in details (BCA course details in Hindi).

What is the BCA course complete information? What is BCA Course Information in Hindi

BCA is a professional education whose full name, i.e. full form Bachelor of Computer Application (Bachelor of Computer Application) which is a bachelor degree which is of full 3 years duration, you can take this course after passing 12th where you will be related to computer application and computer science.

This is a technical training course where the students are prepared for the computer-related field so that they can easily work in computer or IT, after completing this course you will get many things about computers. how software is made and how you can make software after doing a BCA degree with it you become a software engineer You can also do a job as well as after doing BCA you can do an MCA course.

What is taught in the BCA course?
  • In BCA, you are taught how to make software
  • Taught website design
  • Taught computer networking
  • Taught basic computers
  • computer programming languages ​​are taught
Eligibility for BCA course
  • For BCA, the 12th pass must be from any subject
  • Some colleges ask for science for BCA or ask for maths or computer science in 12th.
  • Must have minimum 45% marks in 12th for BCA
1. Passed 12th with Good Marks

If you want to study computers then, first of all, you have to pass the 12th class with good marks or if you want you can also choose computer subjects in 11th and 12th you can do BCA by passing 12th from any subject but Note that for doing BCA in some colleges you ask for maths in 12th and in some colleges you have science but in some universities, you can do BCA from arts as well.
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2. Complete and Clear the BCA Entrance Exam

If you want to do your computer studies, i.e. BCA from a good and reputed college, then for this you can fill the entrance exam and after clearing it you can take admission to BCA, some colleges without admission. If you give admitted even after the admission exam, then you can choose a college according to your.

3. Complete BCA Studies

As soon as you get admitted to college, you then have to study a BCA course for 3 years in college, where you are taught computer basic, networking, website development, programming language, etc., where there are 6 semesters in total. semesters where you have to submit the project in the last semester which is very important only after completing the project your BCA is complete.
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4. Apply for An Internship

As soon as your BCA is completed, try to apply for an internship in the computer field or IT company after BCA, this will give you an idea of how the industry works in the computer field as soon as you are internship after that. want, you can apply for MCA or if you want, you can do MCA after completing direct BCA, then in this way, you can apply for the BCA course. An examination can complete.


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