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NDA is one of the top posts in India. Indian Air Force If you join the Indian army or navy then you have to clear the NDA exam but before that you should know some important things related to NDA because without knowing about it you can’t clear its exam. Therefore, before you fill out the NDA exam form, you should know what is NDA ,What is NDA information in Hindi) How to do NDA and what is the eligibility for this that is what is the qualification required what is the physical requirement and what subject to read then in today’s article we will provide complete information about NDA in Hindi so that you can easily understand. How to register for NDA after 12th pass ,How to Enroll NDA After 12th information in Hindi) how to join nda information in hindi how to become an army officer , how to join the army , how to join indian air force complete information

After passing 12th, many students often don’t know what to be in their career next, some people think in advance while studying in school what to be in the future and then study so that you can move on. There should be no problem in any kind of entrance exam, you can easily clear the exam and study what you want to study, similarly if you want to join NDA then your own maths. The subject (Mathematics) needs to be done very strongly, so first let us know that after all what is NDA ,What is NDA in HindiWhat is its full form and what can we become after joining NDA and how NDA Clear the entrance exam (NDA entrance exam),

What is NDA full information in Hindi? (What is NDA information in Hindi)

NDA, whose full name is the National Defense Academy (National Defense Academy) as in Hindi National Defense Academy It is also said that before joining the three popular services in India, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, there is an examination to be passed which we NDA It is said that if you are going to army, air force, navy to serve India then there are two NDA exams every year to go for all these services and these UPSC get it done but there are some conditions to sit in this exam, i.e. there is eligibility criteria let us know what is required to attend this exam.

NDA Exam Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be unmarried, only then are you eligible for this exam.
  • For Indian Army 12 passes should be in any subject
  • To join the Indian Air Force and Navy one must have Physics and Mathematics in 12th.
  • Must be in good physical shape
  • Your age should be 16.5 to 19 years, check UPSC website for age limit
  • your length (Height) must be at least 157 cm

NDA Exam (Tips to Clear NDA Exam)

  • Make a proper schedule to pass NDA exam and follow the same schedule daily.
  • Make a time table for all subjects and study accordingly, pay more attention to weak subjects.
  • Choose the best books for NDA exam and take help from internet
  • Make maths strong, study and understand maths well in 11th and 12th
  • Solve previous year questions of NDA exam and solve mock papers to get an idea for the exam.
1. pass 12. with science

Before joining NDA first pass 12th then remember as soon as you pass 10th then you have to choose maths and physics in 11th science if you want to recruit in army then you have to this can pass 12th from any subject but if you want to join navy or air force then for this you must pass 12th with physics and maths subjects try with atleast 60% marks.

2. Give and clear the NDA entrance exam

As soon as you pass the 12th or if you can fill the NDA entrance exam form and take the exam even before you give the final exam on the 12th, this exam can be conducted every year by UPSC (UPSC), which happens twice a year which is in April and September and its forms are released every year in June and December so you can fill the form online by visiting UPSC website.

3. Now clear the SSB interview

After clearing the NDA entrance exam, you are now called for the SSB interview round where there are many types of tests such as Physical Test, Aptitude Test, Group Discussion. There are many tests like (Group Discussion), Personal Interview etc. You have to clear them everybody.

4. Now complete NDA training

After clearing all the exams now you will be sent for training for the post you have selected as per the post 3 years at NDA and 1 year at IMA(For Army cadets) and 3 years at NDA and 1 year at Naval Academy (For Naval cadets) and 3 years at NDA and 1 & 1/2 years at AFA Hyderabad (For AF cadets) then you only need to pass this training then you can join any post in NDA. In this way you can join Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force in NDA.

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