What Is TAF COP Consumer Portal?

In this blog, you will learn about TAF COP Consumer Portal. We will also tell you about its facilities and how you can log in.

What Is TAF COP Consumer Portal?

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has taken a number of steps to guarantee that subscribers are properly served by telecom service providers (TSPs) and that their interests are protected in order to prevent fraud. Individual mobile customers are permitted to register up to nine mobile connections under their names under the current regulations.

TAF COP Consumer Portal was created to assist subscribers in determining the number of active mobile connections under their names and in taking the appropriate action to regularise any additional mobile connections they may have. However, the major responsibility for handling the Customer Acquisition Form rests with the service providers (CAF).

Details Of TAF COP Consumer Portal

Name of Portal TAF COP Consumer Portal 
Started By Government Of India
Launched By Telecom Analytics For Fraud Management and Consumer Protection
Use Checking Mobile Numbers registered on their name
Run For All Mobile Users in India
Used By All Indian Citizens
Mode Online
Website https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in

Facilities Of the TAF COP Consumer Portal

  • Subscribers with more than nine multiple connections in their name will receive SMS messages.
  • Subscribers can take the necessary actions by going here if their name contains more than nine multiple connections.
  • After selecting the “Click here to log in with your number” status, enter the “Ticket ID Ref No” into the “Request Status” section.

Steps Of Login On the TAF COP Consumer Portal 

If you want to log in on TAF COP Portal the steps are as follows:

  • Check out the Department of Telecommunications Portal.
  • Right now the Login button is.
  • Complete the registration form here first.
  • Now enter the information requested.
  • Afterward, return to the homepage.
  • Specify your user ID and password.
  • Submit the Captcha.
  • Clicking Login will allow you to log into the Portal.

Procedure For Checking Mobile Connections

If you want to check the number of connections working in your name you can follow the given steps.

Click this link to access the TAF COP Portal:  https://tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in

Type your mobile number

Check OTP

Verify the quantity of active mobile connections under your name.

What Is The Use Of the TAF COP Portal?

Telecom customers can examine all of their registered mobile numbers that are connected to their Aadhaar numbers on the TAF-COP website. It is crucial to remember that service providers have the primary duty of managing the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF).

States In Which Services Of the TAF COP Portal Are Available

Only a few of the states mentioned—Nagaland, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Mizoram, Jammu & Kashmir, Tripura, Kerala, and Rajasthan—currently offer these services.

You can check how many SIM Cards have been registered on your Aadhaar card. You may find out via this webpage. TAFCOP is a website that the Department of Telecommunication has created.

In 2018, the division increased the typical number of SIM cards per individual comprising 9 SIMs for everyday usage and 9 for machine-to-machine (M2M) connection.

Steps For Linking Mobile Number With Aadhaar

The procedure for linking a mobile number with Aadhar is as follows:

  • From the UIDAI website, Get the Aadhaar update/correction form or pick one up at the nearby Aadhaar center.
  • Submit a copy of your Aadhaar card and a photo identification document with the completed form.
  • We’ll check your biometrics and demographic data.
  • Within a few days, your cell number will be connected to your Aadhaar and you will receive an acknowledgment paper.
  • Give your Aadhaar card and mobile number to the telecom service provider’s store.
  • You will receive an OTP following biometric verification, which you must enter to complete the verification process.

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