WhatsApp to Introduce Polls in Channels on iPhone

Users will be able to share polls in channels on iPhone according to a new feature that Meta-owned WhatsApp is apparently releasing to a select group of beta testers.

Certain beta testers can investigate a new poll option from within their channels, as indicated in the screenshot WABetaInfo supplied. The chat attachment option within the channel can be accessed by the channel owner to check if this feature is enabled for their account.

“While polls in channels on iPhone, channel owners can also restrict it to a single choice by disabling the multiple answers option, providing a flexible voting experience for channel followers,” the report said.

The article claims that this feature guarantees the privacy and security of poll results, guaranteeing that channel followers’ decisions stay private and anonymous while being surveyed. No individual contributor to the poll will be identifiable to other participants; the aggregate number of votes will be the only thing they can see.

Polls in Channels on iPhone: Who Gets This Feature?

Stable users of WhatsApp for iPhone will not yet be able to utilize this functionality as it is only available to TestFlight users. In addition, WhatsApp has not stated when or whether it intends to make the polls in channels on iPhone to all users.

If you are impatient and can’t wait for the release, you can sign up for the beta testing program on your iPhone to begin receiving TestFlight versions of WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, a new feature has started to appear on WhatsApp that lets iOS users create, edit, and share stickers. “You may now use your photographs to make new stickers or alter ones that currently exist. In other news, you will most likely have to show the group chat your strategy in action. WhatsApp announced on Instagram that it would be launching shortly on iOS.

With WhatsApp’s editing features, you can personalize stickers with text, artwork, and the ability to layer other stickers on top of existing ones. When you send custom stickers, they immediately saved in your sticker tray so you can use them whenever it’s convenient for you. However, this utility is not yet available for Android users.


The new feature of WhatsApp that will enable polls in channels on iPhone promises an improved voting experience with customizable choices for channel owners. Restricting options protects participants’ privacy and security while preserving their anonymity.

WhatsApp has not said when or whether this functionality would be available to stable users; it is currently only available to TestFlight users. Meanwhile, a feature that will soon be released for iOS users will allow them to create and share personalized stickers, adding a unique touch to their texting experience.

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