Wikipedia $1 billion donation by Elon Musk

Billionaire Elon Musk has consented to contribute to Wikipedia $1 billion donation, which the website claims is in dire need of funds. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX announced on X (previously Twitter) that he would donate Wikipedia $1 billion donation to the online encyclopedia.

However, he suffers from a condition that is linked to Wikipedia’s cry for assistance even though it is not necessary. Known for his ironic remarks, Musk suggested if Wikipedia $1 billion donation are qualify so Wikipedia change its name. It’s called Dickipedia. It’s clear that Musk is playing Wikipedia here, and there’s no way of knowing if he will honor his word if Wikipedia decides to comply at the last minute.

On his Wiki page, he also requested that the company add emojis for a cow and a poop. Musk responded, “One-year minimum,” to a user who urged Wikipedia to implement the change, pointing out that it can always be reversed once they receive the funds. Well, I’m not a moron, lol.

Ever ponder why the Wikimedia Foundation demands such a large sum of money? Musk went on to say that Wikipedia can function without funding. He claimed, “That you can fit a copy of the all text on your phone.” Jimmy Wales, the creator of Wikipedia, poked fun at Elon Musk earlier in May, claiming that the billionaire used Turkish censorship to intimidate opponents of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Wales chastised the billionaire in a post for not upholding free speech after he complied with Turkey’s requests to censor content. In response, Elon Musk said, “Did Yglesias’s brain fall somewhere? You can choose to restrict access to specific tweets or have Twitter throttled completely. Which do you prefer?”We successfully fought the Turkish Supreme Court by standing firm for our beliefs.

This is the result of approaching freedom of expression as a concept rather than a catchphrase, Wales continued. Citing a law that permitted it to impose access restrictions on websites considered offensive or a threat to national security, the Turkish telecom watchdog had been blocking Wikipedia access in the nation for over two years.

Wikipedia $1 billion donation: Not the First Fight Between Elon Musk and Jimmy Wales

Wales had earlier accused Musk, one day before Turkey’s divisive presidential elections, of allegedly censoring critics of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Wales claims that in response to similar pressures, Wikipedia resolutely stood their ground and even battled their way up to the Turkish Supreme Court, highlighting the significance of preserving freedom of speech as a principle rather than merely a catchphrase.

Why Does Wikipedia’s Company Need Your Donations?

Based on donations and income, Wikimedia brought in about $162 million in the fiscal year that ended in June 2021, as reported by Statista. That is far more than the business allocated five years ago for its 10-year goal. That eliminates the requirement for donations from users for Wikipedia and Wikimedia to function. 

So why, in spite of its wealth, does Wikipedia’s parent company require your donations? According to Kolbe, this is because WMF wants to grow its clientele and increase its savings in order to finance new initiatives. Through donations, the business is able to allocate its savings and profits to a variety of new initiatives. In addition, WMF is starting a for-profit business that will make use of the resources provided by its non-profit endeavors.



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