Zomato’s Vision: 100% Orders Delivered By Electric Vehicles 

Zomato declared on Wednesday that it intends to employ electric vehicles (EVs) for all deliveries in an effort to become a more ecologically conscientious company. By 2033, Zomato’s Vision projects that this course of action will produce net zero emissions along the whole food ordering and delivery value chain.

The organization that combines food-serving establishments revealed its environmental goals for 2030. Zomato’s Vision is to provide 100 million orders of plastic-free food by 2025 and enable orders of food delivery that are 100% plastic-neutral through voluntary recycling.

Zomato’s Vision: Empowering Gig Workers

In terms of sustainability, “platforms, like Zomato’s Vision is to support 100 percent EV deliveries, resulting in net zero emissions across the food ordering and delivery value chain by 2033,” according to a statement released by Ramesh Krishnamurthi, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment.

It is noteworthy that a portion of deliveries at Zomato are currently made using electric scooters, though not all of them.

The business also disclosed that it is improving the ability of one million gig workers to earn and save money through partnerships, benefit programs, and upskilling.

Rakesh Ranjan, CEO of Zomato’s food delivery division, said in a statement: “Gig work has democratized access to livelihoods over the years by reducing entry barriers and providing improved income prospects for lakhs of people in India.”

Inclusive Growth and Future Vision

Zomato also revealed that it will offer the services that the next billion customers seek, which are affordable and easily accessible meal ordering and delivery. Additionally, the company seeks to highlight assortments and quality.

It has developed a progressive plan designed to help 300,000 food entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized restaurant businesses grow. It also plans to give health and safety information to its restaurant partners.

“With our ambitious 2030 goal, we are moving closer to a more sustainable and inclusive future. “With a dedicated focus on eight material themes, this roadmap goes beyond the confines of food ordering and delivery, actively contributing to a world where every action leaves a positive imprint,” stated Anjali Ravi Kumar, Chief Sustainability Officer of Zomato.


Zomato’s Vision to minimize its environmental effects is demonstrated by its 2030 sustainability targets, which include reaching plastic neutrality and delivering 100 million plastic-free meal orders.

In addition to plans to support 300,000 small businesses, the company’s focus on offering meal ordering options that are affordable and easily accessible for the next billion customers shows a thorough dedication to inclusive growth. Zomato’s Chief Sustainability Officer provides a comprehensive plan for an inclusive and sustainable future, while also highlighting the company’s commitment to leaving a positive legacy.

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