Denver Broncos Fails to Win Against Kansas City Chiefs

It was another loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, it was not like a never seen performance by the Denver Broncos team. Each side did amazingly its part but the Broncos still came up short. a pick- six ended up being the difference maker in Denver’s 10th defeat of the season.

Denver Broncos Fails

The Broncos’ offense put up season-high 28 points, while the defense conceded 27 points and picked off Patrick Mahomes three times. Unluckily, the Denver Broncos came up a little short when it mattered most, with three of their final five drives being a punt and one more ending in an interception.

 The Broncos could not close out the game and this had a chance to be a massive comeback for Denver, truly as the home team was down 27-0 with less than 5 minutes to go in the first half of the game.

No one quit in this game, but the fact is that it was another loss, and the Broncos were officially eliminated from playoff contention. Some played really well, while others are complicit in why Denver got defeated in its 14th straight by Kansas City Chiefs

Denver Broncos

Twitter Reacts to the Broncos 34-28 Defeat to the Chiefs

Huge respect for the efforts put in by the Denver Broncos, but They fell short for the 10th time in 13 games on Sunday.

The Broncos Got Defeated by their division rivals the Kansas City Chiefs. Russell Wilson had one of his best games with a concussion. backup quarterback brett Rypien came in to relieve Wilson and threw a touchdown to bring the game within 6, but it wasn’t enough. Usually, Twitter is not kind to them, especially after a loss.

But with their effort, Sunday evening, will they change their tune? Some users tweeted “nice play, pat certain” another user wrote “ this could be a good way to come out” and another wrote “he is just one more away and there are more like this.

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