Harvey Weinstein: Responsible For Rape In Los Angeles Trial

Harvey Weinstein is responsible for the rape and sexual attack of simply one of the 4 accusers. After a month-long trial and 9 days of deliberations, Los Angeles jurors on Monday located.

But the 3 responsible counts concerning an Italian actor and version acknowledged on the trial as Jane Doe 1 nonetheless struck the main blow in opposition to the disgraced film mogul. And furnished another #MeToo second of reckoning, 5 years after he had become a magnet for the movement. 

Harvey Weinstein, 70, who’s years right into a 23-yr sentence for a rape and sexual attack conviction in New York this is below appeal, should rise up to 24 years in jail in California while he’s sentenced. 

He become located responsible for rape, pressured oral copulation, and some other sexual misconduct. It relies on the girl who stated he seemed uninvited at her inn room door at some point during a Los Angeles movie pageant in 2013. 

“Harvey Weinstein all the time destroyed part of me that night time in 2013. I will in no way get that back. The crook trial became brutal and Weinstein’s legal professionals placed me via hell at the witness stand.

I knew I needed to see this thru to the end, and the woman admitted to doing what she have been accused of doing in court.

Weinstein would rather avoid seeing the outdoors of a jail cell at all costs.

Weinstein become acquitted of a sexual battery allegation made with the aid of using a rubdown therapist who handled him at an inn in 2010.

The jury become not able to attain a choice on counts related to accusers, drastic rape, and sexual attack fees related to Jennifer Siebel Newsom, a documentary filmmaker and the spouse of California Gov. Gavin Newsom. A mistrial becomes declared on the one’s counts.

Weinstein looked down at his desk and considered burying his face in his palms as the preliminary responsible counts were read. He regarded ahead because the relaxation of the decision became read.

 County District Attorney George Gascón Remarked The Blamers

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón applauded the accusers for their bravery to testify withinside the case, announcing in a declaration. He changed into disenchanted with the aid of using the breakup verdict. However, was hoping it brings “a few degrees of justice to the victims. ”

Harvey Weinstein will never sexually assault any other woman. He will spend the relaxation of his lifestyles in the back of bars wherein he belongs,” Siebel Newsom stated in a declaration. Weinstein’s lawyers used sexist, misogynistic, and bullying tactics throughout the entire process. The trial changed into a stark reminder that we as a society have paintings to do.”

Siebel Newsom’s severe and dramatic testimony, in which she described being raped with the useful resource of the use of Weinstein in a hotel room in 2005, delivered to the trial its most dramatic moments. But most effectively 8 of the 12 jurors agreed to discover Weinstein responsible for these counts.

Hearers Were Immobile 10-2 On A Sexual Battery Count

Jurors have been deadlocked 10-2 on a sexual battery remember regarding Lauren Young, the most effective accuser who testified at each Weinstein trial. She stated she became a version intending to be an actor and screenwriter who came to assembly with Weinstein approximately a script in 2013 while he trapped her in a lodge bathroom, groped her, and masturbated in front of her. 

Lacking any forensic proof or eyewitness accounts of years-old allegations, the case hinged closely on the memories. And the credibility of the 4 ladies in the middle of the charges. 

The women’s testimonies echoed the allegations of dozens of others who’ve emerged seeing that Weinstein has become a #MeToo lightning rod beginning with testimonies.  “She Said,” became launched at some point in the trial, and jurors had been again and again warned now no longer to peer at it.

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Defense Lawyers Made #MeToo An Issue During The Trial

However, it was the defense that brought up #MeToo during the trial. It emphasizes that none of the four women went to the authorities. Until the movement made Weinstein a target.

Defense attorneys claim that two of the women, including the one he would be found guilty of raping, were lying about their interactions. They claimed the other two had “completely consensual” sexual encounters that they later reframed.

During the trial, defense attorneys stated that if Siebel Newsom had not achieved her later fame. And she would have been “just another bimbo who slept with Harvey Weinstein to get ahead in Hollywood.”

Weinstein’s attorney argued that his client did not commit rape because he regrets what happened.

He tried to persuade jurors to pay more attention to the factual evidence instead of listening to the women’s testimonies.

Jackson claimed that jurors were told, “Believe us because we’re angry, believe us because we’re crying.” “Well, fury does not equal truth. “And tears do not produce truth.”

In court, all of the women charged went by the name Jane Doe. The Associated Press usually does now no longer become aware of those who declare to be sexually abused. Unless, just like the ladies named here, they arrive ahead publicly or conform to be diagnosed via their attorneys.

The prosecutors have called more witnesses in order to provide a greater understanding of the events that took place. Four other women testified that Weinstein raped or sexually assaulted them. There were no charges against him. The purpose of having the accused on the stand was to establish a pattern of sexual predation.

Weinstein Beat Four Other Felony Charges Before The Trial 

The term “electronic commerce” refers to the sale of electronic goods. When prosecutors announced that a woman accused of rape and sexual assault twice would not testify. They declined to give a reason. Judge Lisa Lench dismissed these charges.

After some legal setbacks, including the dismissal of Bill Cosby’s conviction last year, Weinstein’s latest conviction is a significant victory. The trial of Danny Masterson, which was happening at the same time as other high-profile sexual assault cases, ended in a mistrial. Last month, actor Kevin Spacey won a sexual battery civil trial in New York.

The conviction of Weinstein overturning on appeal but it will now be heard by the state’s highest court next year. The conviction on the East Coast is overturning. But he will not be able to walk free because of the conviction in California.

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